Wyze Lock Gateway

Can the Wyze lock gateway be used for multiple locks? Steve

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I believe it was mentioned a gateway could support more than one lock as long as it is within range.

As I read more, this might not be a good idea even if possible given the auto unlock functionality. I guess I’ll test it out.

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ANYONE at all having issues connecting their Gateway in initial set up? I CANNOT…I have 2 Cams…3 bulbs currently in my WYZE app that work like charms…struggled now w/ some support but to no avail…trying everything I can think of to this point other than a BAD GATEWAY?? HELP

I had no issues setting up the gateway. The gateway would need reliable 2.4 wireless signal. I have 2 locks connected to the same gateway with no issues so far.

Would the keypad require access to the gateway?, I am assuming it probably will.

I have a SmartThings hub. Do I even need a Wyze lock gateway?

I just got my second lock shipped so am wondering the same thing. I sure hope so since I have the door bell too Im running out of close outlets lol