Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

I agree. The overwhelming majority of cases are for spouses, and then family members.

There are a few other use-cases I have seen where someone shares them for other reasons. I saw a day-care shares them with parents, but only wants to share the live-feed. Or sometimes someone wants to share the live-feed access with their roommate(s). Some people have expressed wanting to share the SD card with a spouse, but only allowing their kids to have access to the liveview.

I certainly can’t speak for everyone’s preferences, but like you said, I believe that V1 of this feature could give a warning, then farther down the road they could allow more complex varying permissions per share.

At least some camera models could do it this way, so there is some kind of option people could select for those who want this.


The Daycare example I would suggest they get a professional camera system. one that is totally secure, encrypted and such. Especially when dealing with recording childing and inside.

Good comments, but time for Wyze to grow up and totally revamp their iOS App because more and more people are expecting professional, commercial grade.

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Do the developers not use this product at their own home?

I want to give my kids access to view live cams and playback so they can help keep an eye on the house and know who’s coming and going. But I don’t want to allow them to turn off the cameras.


Wyze could make a lot more camera controls available but they choose not to


It would be great if I had the option to allow a shared access to be able to see local recordings of certain cameras.


Here we are YEARS later, and this still hasn’t been implemented. Tens of thousands of votes and hundreds of comments on the trouble it causes when anyone can turn cameras on and off. This needs to change. Please take this seriously, Wyze. I’ve been a customer since the beginning and am on your unlimited Cam Plus, but I am about to switch to a completely different brand because of this one issue alone.


I have cameras in houses in two different states. I also monitor my elderly parents cameras, which I cannot access their SD cards by sharing. My husband cannot access the SD cards on our primary house because he is a shared user. If I put him on the main owner account then he would have the chaos of all three houses. The ability to determine who can see what and access the SD cards is really important for so many various reasons. I have many cameras and an annual plan and had I known all this was going to be an issue, I might have looked at things a little bit differently . It doesn’t make sense that the app can’t be updated to accommodate these features. Following through on this would only increase and improve Wyze’s followings. Please spend some time and resource on this as so many people need it!


This might be the strongest use-case for better sharing. A doorbell pro without multi-user sharing of notifications is a very bad user experience unless Wyze thinks everyone lives alone.

Arlo does this very well. I can share my parent’s doorbell, choose to get ‘call’ notifications (someone presses the button and either one of us can answer), and review all the past recordings for the past 2 months. Is it $2.99/mo? Yes. And it’s worth it. [Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t perfect, Arlo also had app issues which I had to debug for them]

Just wanted to point this out for anyone collecting data on why user-sharing, especially for certain product classes, is vital and fundamental to a good product experience.

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Jason, I’m wondering if it might be helpful to split up this wishlist item by product?

Its current organization makes it feel to me (and maybe users and dev team) somewhat insurmountable but there is a lot of opportunity between where we are right now and a full app rewrite.

Perhaps by combining all sharing issues into a mega-thread it’s possible smaller but more feasible incremental changes are missed?

Yes, ideal pie-in-the-sky option is multi-user multiple-permission-type selection but if that takes a whole app rewrite that isn’t in the cards for the next 2 to 5 years then maybe there’s room to optimize the current sharing defaults within the app? How best would that data be collected?

For example, for Wyze Cameras, if previously the app did support SD card viewing then I think there would be near-universal approval of a ‘warning modal’ when enabling user sharing. Similarly, I can’t imagine most users want to give shared users permission to disable cameras.

Likewise, for the Wyze doorbells, it’s very difficult for me to imagine a scenario where you’d want to share a doorbell but not share notifications (even if you can’t setup the video tunnel to subordinate devices/accounts to allow answering).

Perhaps, the dev team has ideas on how best to solicit feedback given the constraints on app architecture rewrite, maybe “multiple users’ permissions for shared users across the entire Wyze product line” thread can replaced by something that narrows down the requests and highlights what’s possible now?

I may be totally wrong, though so no hurt feelings if there’s a better way of getting actionable shared-user requests that match the ethos of Wyze, the capability of the current architecture and are highly requested by users.

Engaging the dev or engineering team on how they’d like to measure that may not be easy but hopefully Wyze encourages that :wink:

Good luck on the go-betweening :smiley:


When will this be seriously addressed?
Customers have been asking and pleeding


Really would like the ability to have an administrator in order to add cameras to the account.

I need a contractor to add cameras to a remote location.

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This is RIDICULOUS!!! I’ve been a faithful WYZE User for years now, and have successfully promoted their products to all of my family members! What, does WYZE think that everyone lives alone??? We MUST be able to have better sharing controls! Unless everyone is logging in using the same account, (which is NOT an option) these cameras are practically worthless!
Several of my siblings have shared their outdoor cameras with me so I can help keep an eye on their places… Now, I get notifications every 20 seconds when their pets walk across their cameras! I can NOT turn off WYZE notifications, because I really need to keep an eye on my own notifications… I absolutely cannot believe that WYZE hasn’t figured this very simple, common-sense logic out!!!

In the meantime, since we don’t know how long this will take to implement, or what all will be included, here are some workarounds for what your usecase is:

If you have Android, I recommend looking into Buzzkill or Macrodroid. I have/use both and love them. With this, you can set up a rule to intercept notifications from particular cameras shared to you so they don’t show up, then when you actually want those notifications (such as when they go on vacation), you can turn off that rule. Or you can tell it to only show you person notifications during certain hours and with any cooldown period you want or any other schedule you choose. I use this a lot. It gives me absolute control over notifications to work exactly as I want.

If you have iOS, then Apple doesn’t allow anyone to make apps that can do anything like that, so the best workaround while we wait, is to only add/share the cameras when needed, such as when they go on vacation.

Obviously, it would be preferable for Wyze to have their own solution ready to go right now, especially for iOS users who are limited by Apple’s policies, but since that isn’t the case right now then the above workarounds are what we have available to us right now. So it’s either, use one of the above, or deal with the notifications, or not share cameras. Hope something of the above can help while we wait for a Wyze implementation of some kind. That’s how I have dealt with it for now at least :slight_smile:

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I am not on the inside and do not have any inside info, BUT…

In a recent email this was mentioned about the newest " Beta August 21

Wyze app 2.45 Beta Test 8/21/2023

WyzeAndy WyzeAndy

What’s New:

Added support for Oauth login

Added support for Google and Apple ID login

Up to this point, it has been impossible for Wyse to add the features we have been asking for due to the fact that the application had no concept of a user. You cannot treat users differently (some have admin access, some are just passive watchers) until you have the ability to discern one user from another. Currently you log into the account and everyone accessing an account uses the same UserID and password. No way to tell Jim from John.
With the introduction of Oauth, they can leverage Apple IDs and Google IDs to know who you are, as an individual user, and assign access permissions to that identity without having to invest in all the trappings required to provide identity services.
You would log in with your Apple account or Google account, they pass an authentication token to that service provider, get the approved response and all they need to store is what permissions that identity has been assigned. BRAVO!

This is the game changer we have been waiting for <I think?>

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5 years later and this feature is still not added. Pathetic.


This just recently became a problem for me, now that my wife and I both need separate accounts for our two Wyze Watches. It is no longer feasible to just have both our phones log into the same account. Please, for the love of all that is holy, figure this out and implement it Wyze.


Shared users microsd card access

I wish shared users could view the events on the micro sd cards


I don’t know how hard this will be but I asked my husband to make a free new email account in both our names . Then switch all our devices over to that email account. Then would we both be able to do anything we want with the cameras?

We’ve tried using the same account and we found issues with viewing videos or settings when both in the Wyze app at the same time. It’s like the app had an issue with two different account access points

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Well that’s no good.