Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

We need these minimum capabilities for sharing permissions in order of importance:

  1. microSD card footage access for viewing and recording (still waiting)
  2. Live view (implemented)
  3. Notifications clips (implemented)

By implementing the first one, assuming you have a microSD card installed, the other two really become superfluous.

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DJY, I performed a security analysis of NCR’s MP-RAS *nix operating system for HIPAA compliance back in 2004. I quickly determined that the OS lacked the concept of a user. Imagine my surprise. Processes just ran but did not have a security context attached to them. This made it impossible to restrict access or even log access to the system or data. It would have required a complete rewrite of the OS to implement the required controls (sound familiar?) so temporary mitigations were put in place and a crash project to eliminate that OS was done.

All that to say, implementing security is easy if someone has put the hooks in place to attach to. If the underlying operating system or application code base did not consider security, a complete rewrite is required.

btw, I am researching my elevation to Pope.

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User Permissions (Other Admin Users)

We need a feature to implement admin features to grant at least 1 other user admin rights to have full function over the account. I work in software and this is pretty standard stuff here.

Use case:
User 1: Parent A
User 2 Parent B
Users 3-5: Children

Parent A is the primary account holder, also uses wyze scale. Parent B is a secondary users, uses wyze scale. Parent B NEEDS admin rights to replay cameras and have full control over cameras features just as Parent A has. Children will use current functionality with limited access and no replay ability.

This makes complete sense.



Yeah, after we had a break in, we bought these for our outdoor cameras. It is very frustrating that as the wife i have to make sure I’m logged into my hubbies account if i want to view the live footage, beyond recording. There are timeswhen i need immediate access, in the day of tech, there should be option of just allowing that option or not. For those of you that are not satisfied with it… Kasa makes great cam, 24/7 recording with or without plan, SD card works. You get the full 24hrs and i can view it anytime. This is a deal breaker i think… maybe in future cause there’s things i do like but nothing that the other Canberra cave offer.

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FYI: I share the cameras to my wife, She has her own Wyze account.

She won’t be able to view anything from the SD card. That’s the issue. Wyze offers no granularity when sharing. Wyze decides what limitations a shared device has with no control decision given to the user doing the sharing.

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Oh… I did not know that. I don’t use SD Cards.

Once again, the entire Wyze app needs a total re write.

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This is exactly the problem. You CAN share the cameras yes, but they do not have the same access as you and cannot replay the camera feed. SD or Cloud, the user cannot replay it.


Meaning the shared person can only watch an event once? I have shared our cameras to my wife and she can via the cloud re watch events.

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For a camera shared with you you can watch the cloud clips as many times as you want you can view live view but you cannot access the SD card


Not everyone has cloud. The SD should be just as accessible and the other user should have full rights as the original account holder has. This surely isn’t just limited to the SD card.

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The only way that could happen would be if the owner had the capability to restrict any access or allow any access

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Correct. That’s why I’m asking for user permissioning.


Camera sharing with full access needs to be developed ASAP. I currently have an alarm system powered by I have exterior cameras plus just the overall alarm system it self. When sharing the home alarm with the family I had the ability to chose the level of access.

  1. Full or
  2. Limited
    Why doesn’t Wyze have this capability?
    I the owner of the camera should be able to decide for myself what level I want to share. Why is Wyze deciding for me and only offering limited.

Yes I can have family members log into my account and have full access but I’m not sharing every camera with each family member. So I’m sharing the camera that they are interested in viewing.

Wyze needs to see how is able to provide this to its customers and how you can develop this.

I want to choose who has full access and who has limited.

This has been an on going request for several years and I think it’s time to prioritize this. I know new products are great but listen to your customers and improve what you have so that your customers feel heard. I personally feel ignored since this has not been looked at or developed until now.

When I asked customer service this is what I was told but found this thread…. And was shocked at the response!

“To be honest, it’s not in our plans to provide full access to shared users, since we do not get that many requests for it. Shared user restriction applies to devices and devices, even Home Monitoring System. Shared users mostly cannot change anything in the settings, only the main users can.

If you have spare time, please consider providing a suggestion about it on the official Wishlist.

[Wishlist - Wyze Forum]

They literally says it’s not in our plans!
How upsetting how frustrating!

I see many requests on this thread that are being ignored. Wyze please do better! I have been a customer from the early start but please listen to your customers requests.
How many years do we have to keep
Asking for the same thing.
Look how many people on this thread alone.
How many people voted.
Just give us the different levels so we can choose what level we want to share with whom we want.


Just got a video doorbell pro.
Really disappointed that I can’t share with my wife so that she can get notifications when someone rings the doorbell!!
And it has been this way for years!!??!?


Sharing Cameras with another wyze user

I would like improvement for any cameras been shared using the sharing feature not been able to be turn on and off by the shared user. Even thought sharing a device restrict the shared user, it does not restrict that user to push the camera on/off button that appears and by consequence it also send software instructions to turn off the main user cameras.


Sharing Cameras permissions

This is ridiculous that I cant share a camera and have the playback be accessible. I have to give someone full access to my account to do so. There is no technical limitation blocking this. Just enable this feature. This is crazy. Add me to your team and ill dev it myself.


What about playing back footage from the SD card. It seems that there is no way to share a camera allowing access to the historical footage.
@Wyze, please help!


That is intentional. Wyze said in an AMA that the problem is that sharing the SD card would give shared users full access to see all the recordings prior to the time they were authorized to start seeing them, which is a sort of security and privacy concern, so they have excluded that from access. Shared accounts only get access to cloud videos that occur AFTER the share takes place (none from before then), but they can’t enforce that same security with the SD card, so they don’t allow it at all right now.

I gave examples of why many people want to allow shared access, and how it is more important now that the newer cams don’t have any 12 cloud second cloud events for shared users to see, only SD card videos for non-subscribers (and shared users can’t view that), and one of the founders indicated that this was a good point and they will take that into consideration now.

I mentioned that if they are concerned about the shared SD card videos allowing access prior to the share, then they could either make us agree to a warning that lets us know it would allow the shared user this access, OR, they could give us the option to format the SD card before allowing the share, then there will be nothing to view prior to the share anymore and this concern will be fully addressed.

I think what they want to do is work on this multiple user’s permission feature, and see if they can have it so that we can choose who we share SD card access to, and who we restrict it from. Then it won’t mean allowing it to everyone or no-one like they are currently faced with deciding. IT would be nice to allow users the flexibility to decide for themselves who wants to allow it and who doesn’t.


Completely agree that a warning would be fine for v1 of this sharing feature. I don’t even use SD cards, but if I did I wouldn’t care if my wife could see the contents of them.

In the vast majority of cases where someone is requesting this feature, it’s to allow a spouse or family member to have access and I doubt they’d care about SD card access or more granular control.