Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

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I know this post is a few years old, but it this topic is still a major issue in our family. My spouse and I have to share the same log on just so we both can change settings as we need. We both work very busy and opposite schedules, so a call or text sometimes means we are waking the other person up or having them step away from work to give the code. It is really frustrating. I wish Wyze would come up with a solution.


I agree. My husband has a different account than I do. I shared the cameras with him but he can’t see the sd card recordings because he is a shared user. When we share a camera it is so they can use the cameras and all of the features. Maybe give a toggle to allow shared users full access of just viewing


I really don’t understand why this isn’t in the Roadmap yet. This is a huge issue and you are shooting yourselves in the foot by not addressing it quicker.

You are clearly wanting to sell more products and quite a few of them are ‘personal’, requiring a person using them, to have their own account. In a household with multiple accounts that are sharing cameras, they have to constantly switch accounts in order to work with the cameras or back to their personal account to manage their personal devices. Surely you see the issue with this.

It has been frustrating enough for me that I have abandoned all personal devices, (scale, band, watch, earbuds, etc) because it’s not worth the hassle.

Please make this a higher priority than new products.


Control notifications for shared cams

Device notifications (and many other settings) are not available for cams shared with you by another user. While I may want access to a shared cam, I don’t necessarily want to inherit the notification settings from the other user.
Not sure why the share user has zero control over cam notifications, but it makes for the shared user at the very least to be able to turn off notifications, and ideally be able to have full control over what notifications they receive for all cams, not just the ones in their own account.


I literally just emailed support asking about this feature and was directed to the wishlist.

This isn’t just about the cameras and access to playback (although that is important). It’s also about the settings that are different in the thermostat, the air purifiers, the robot vacuums. I don’t have one of the deadbolt locks yet, but that’s also on the list, and I don’t know if there are different options between the owner and a shared user.

Adding a second layer of share to mark someone as a co-owner instead of just a shared user would be ideal. That way they can turn on and off their own notifications instead of being locked into whatever I have decided to set as triggers.


What’s the latest news on this?


Ability to block notifications from cameras shared to me

I have cameras shared to me that get a lot of action. Of my own cams, I use 2 to notify me like a security system. Having tons of notifications from the shared cams makes notifications useless.


Agreed. I’d love to buy more cameras, but have been holding off for nearly two years because of this very issue.

Request for Camera Sharing Enhancements

I would like to request an enhancement to the camera sharing options. As far as I can tell, you can only decide to share a camera as a binary share/do not share option. It would awesome if there were 2 additional ways to share: 1) share during certain times each week or 2) share one-time for X hours/minutes (just like how Apple allows users to share their location for a particular duration). The use case here is that we have an infant and have a cam on looking into his crib. I would like to be able to share this with our nanny during the hours she is here each week without giving her indefinite access that would extend outside of the times she works. I would also like to be able to grant a date night babysitter access for the duration of the job and then share again next time she comes. Having not shared access before, I don’t know if there is a way to stop sharing the infinite access currently granted, but would strongly recommend having a spot to track what camera access has been given to whom with the ability to terminate all user for a user or camera by camera access. This latter request is (I think) a much larger development ask and I would be more than happy just to have the ability to do one-time sharing for a limited period of time as the minimally viable product, then enhance this with scheduled sharing, and then enhance to long-term state with the creation of a sharing hub with customizations by user and by camera.

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Shared users should be able to view SD card playback

This is a simple feature that should not be locked behind a paywall considering that it’s “free” as long as you have an SD card, but they make no mention that shared users won’t be able to view SD card videos. So is it really free then?

This is a future that I’ve also noticed that every other competition includes free, this is a feature that should not be locked behind a paywall

This feature not being included free is almost a deal breaker.

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Unfortunately, it’s not locked behind a paywall. The basic sharing feature is missing for ALL users. This has been widely requested and the CEO is aware. The company has chosen profits over providing a reasonable amount of sharing controls. They could fix it and know that they should fix it. They already have our money now and don’t care about us. Our request are needless expenses to them. They’d rather develop new products that they don’t intend on supporting. I guess the CEO needs to save the money so he can buy another vacation home.

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Dumb, not having this feature seems like a small thing but it’s pretty much a deal-breaker for me.

I’m going to keep the products I currently have but I’m not buying more, because I can just go to another brand and actually have that feature.

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I agree. I always thought that was weird that you could not view/playback from the internal SD card if a device was shared to you - you are only able to view the device’s memory card if you are the owner. Why??!

I have shared devices with my wife and it would be real nice for her to be able to see more than just the live video feed. This goes for friends or family I share certain cameras with for them to help watch over my house while I’m out of town. A shared family or friend member not being able to see video playback of past events (via internal SD) doesn’t make sense.

A package gets stolen from your front door and it just happened 30secs ago, you, the owner is out of town, or even out of country and don’t get a notification. The person watching your house (you shared your cameras with) may get a blurry image/snapshot of the event notification, but without being able to view the video clip up to the point of theft, the sharing option serves what purpose?

I asked this in an AMA this year and got a response from one of the founders:

I suggested the following as a reasonable solution to their concerns:

It could be that when someone shares a camera or shares the SD card, that you could do another pop-up confirmation like you do for Friendly faces and warn them about this, or suggest they format the SD card first. Worst case scenario, maybe forcing an SD card format could be an option to resolve the concern.

Some permission granularity for the devices you share is all it would take. Some basic permissions that can be grouped would help a lot. The below example is just an example, it’s probably missing a lot of stuff, and may be missing a permission level/group.

  • Shared permissions
    Can inherit notification permissions from owner or co-owner or define their own for their device.
    Able to access basic camera controls (lights, speaker, mic, etc)
    Able to view live feed.
    Able to view playback/ SD card video

  • Co-owner permissions
    Can inherit notifications from primary owner or define their own for their device (phone).
    All the above item plus:
    Able to access advanced settings
    Able to see shared device info and perform firmware updates
    Can share devices (only as a shared permission)
    Can’t remove primary owner

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in the co-founder response it almost sounded like he/she/they said “shared users now have access to all the footage that exists on the card…”

Umm, I’m not seeing that yet.

No, he was saying that if Wyze did enable it, then a shared user would have access to all past footage on the SD card, and they didn’t want to allow that. They only want shared users to be able to see videos that happen AFTER a camera is shared with .that user (just like they do for Cloud events). I believe this is to prevent potential security and legal liability concerns.

Ah, I see. That makes sense

Yes, it makes sense now, but there are ways to overcome that objection. Like I said above, all they would have to do is make us format the SD card in order to share a camera with a new user. Problem solved, now there are no past videos and they can enable the SD card with no worries. The problem is that some users don’t want shared users to access the SD card (just the liveview…like someone using it for daycare or babysitting may want the parents or babysitter to be able to view the liveview sometimes [like while the baby is sleeping], but not want them to be scrolling through and saving videos from weeks ago), but others do want them to share the SD card. This is why they need to implement this wishlist for multiple permissions so the people who want it can have it and the people who don’t want to share it, don’t have to. Then everyone is happy.