Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Yup , That’s my point in spades

I absolutely agree that it would be wonderful for Wyze to allow the Administrator to have options for sharing their cameras. In addition to what meghanm08 described above, I personally would like to share my account with someone, but not have them have the ability to see every notification I see, or have the ability to turn on/off cameras or have full control of the cameras as I do.

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August lock has had this for years. Please, wyze, give us this. Make this switch an upgrade instead of a downgrade for us!


Adding on to this topic. User permissions for cameras need to be a thing. If I share a camera with someone in the house, they should only be able to view live footage or recordings and nothing else.

The ability to turn the camera on and off should not be possible for them. Additionally, a log (wyze lock has this already) to see what user does what with the camera would be nice as well.


With having multiple people living in one home, with regular visitors, it is nearly a necessity to be able to set up users similar to what is present with Wyze Lock.

This would also enable seeing who disarmed the system.


I agree and back your petition, not only for cameras, but for all devices. I used a Plug to triger a garage gate with a relay. I use it to give access to Airbnb guests for key-less entry, which is very convenient, but I’d like to prevent them from enabiling “vacation mode”, “timer” or even defining rules. I’ve tested it and I’m unable to see a timer or even a rule set by someone else.

3+ years and it seems Wyze couldn’t care less what it’s customer base wants. I guess it’s about time to switch our business completely over to Ring!

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Who has a portrait-only app? Wyze is not the only one who doesn’t listen.

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With all the people supporting the issue, what do you say Wyze??? Please come up with what we are asking for.

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Good news everyone! They added it in the latest build! Update your app

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They added an update for home services but not for the cameras.

Allow ability to disable notifications on specific devices for shared camera.

I have 2 devices, 2 accounts, and 1 shared camera. If the main account has notifications enabled, the other account which the camera was shared with cannot disable notifications on their device.

My wishlist is for Wyze to continue allowing shared cameras, and add the ability to customize notifications so shared cameras can have different notification settings across different devices.


  • Device #1 / Account #1 was used to setup Camera #1, and wants to receive notifications.

  • Device #1 / Account #1 shared Camera #1 to Device #2 / Account #2.


  • On Device #2 / Account #2 I cannot disable notifications for Camera #1 (since this camera is being shared to Device #2 / Account #2)

In the app, under account settings > notifications > push notifications > and under the device section included cameras that are shared. Once the user clicks on the shared camera they can disable/enable notifications (regardless to the settings on the original account which shared the camera).

I am using mainly Android 11, and always have my Android and Wyze app updated to the latest version.


I have a nanny who watches my kids twice a week. Both kids take naps so I give her access to the cameras in the kids rooms so she can monitor them while they’re sleeping. I would love if instead of having to add her as a shared user and remove her as a shared user every time she comes over I could just have access granted to her every Saturday (or whichever day) at a specified time just like her access code for my front door.

[Mod Edit] Welcome to the forums! This suggestion was merged with an existing wishlist topic.

Until this is available, you could try a couple of things:

  • Use Wyze Live View and ensure the monitoring camera’s are accessible. However, the nanny would need to be able to logon, either with your account maybe another account you setup for only those camera’s.


  • Try TinyCam free edition. TinyCam Works on Android, so you would need an Android Tablet and then set it up with your account to Wyze and stream the camera’s that the nanny would need to monitor. Once setup, you would not need to logon every time it starts.

Just trying to provide some options.


I love my new scale!!! However, my wife refuses to use it as her weight will be displayed to all users. I wish there was some sort of privacy mode so that users information is not shared with all. Is there?

Absolutely. I agree this is a showstopper for using the scale.

Your wife should be able to create a separate Wyze Profile and have the scale shared to that profile so that only she can view her weight history…at least that’s the way we do it for everyone in my family with the original scale. My wife stores her weight in her own profile.

It is annoying that shared cameras don’t get all the same permissions though, so if she wants to review the SD cards, she has to log into my account. That is a reason we still need this wishlist item…I was just saying that for keeping weight private, that should already be possible. I assume the new Scale-S works the same way (that people can make their own Wyze account, have the scale shared to them and keep all their stuff private).

Having said that, it would be nice to be able to have a pin on scale profiles that use the same account.


Adding a setting to allow shared users access to SD playback feature.

I think it should be up to the main user as to who gets to view the SD card playback feature or not. Not just themselves. Who’s to say that two or more people didn’t share the cost of the device and they should both be able to access its full features.


Temporary Live video sharing

The ability to share live video with others BUT:

  1. Only give them view/audio access–no changes that will affect anything but their own viewing.
  2. Restrict to time limits. Share live video/audio for an event or while I’m out of town, etc, but NOT give a the time access.
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Restrict non owners, aka shared users from powering on/off

If I turn off my camera it means I don’t want anyone to be able to access it.

This has to be the most basic of premises.

I need friends & family members to be able to keep an eye on my elderly dad when I’m not home. Otherwise, I don’t want them accessing the camera.

Not having this basic “ownership” feature is grade A dumb.