We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

If you currently subscribe to Cam Plus you will be automatically opted in with a $0 price. In the future if you cancel Cam Plus you could just then turn on Cam Plus Lite and you would be able to leave the amount at $0 or change it to something else if you felt like contributing anything.


I subscribed to Cam Plus Lite.

On the Wyze app,

  • I go to Account > Services > Cam Plus Lite (PD Legacy ) >
  • it ask, Which cameras would you like to enroll in Cam Plus Lite?
  • I click the toggle button for a camera and I get this prompt:

Whoops! Looks like you don’t have Cam Plus Lite.
Lock in helpful features such as Person Detection and 12s cloud video recordings on all your compatible cams.
Name your price at services.wyze.com
Close or Take Me There

My cam is V2
The firmware is up to date
The Wyze app is up to date

The account on my Wyze app is one email.
I logged into wyze.com with another email to subscribe to Cam Plus Lite.
Could that be why?

Edit: Yup, that was the issue. When subscribing to Cam Plus Lite, I needed to login using the same email on the Wyze app.

That is correct. But since you can opt in for $0, a one-time action will get you back to where you were. In fact, it will get you ahead of where you were because you will now have Person Detection.

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The size limitation for exFAT is 128PB. You’ll be fine with a 1TB card. :slight_smile:


We have always had the option of continuous local recording on the microSD card.
The 5 minute cooldown is between notifications. As you said, this limitation shouldn’t be necessary when not sending event clips to the cloud. As it is there is no notification for events recorded to SD.


I’m working on getting an update on this. Please follow this topic. Any new info will be posted there.

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I’m confused. I own 10 Wyze cameras. All of them have local storage and are set up to record events. As I scan through the Events in the mobile app it’s very clear that the cameras are only recording once every 5 minutes. What am I doing wrong?

Not sure if you are doing anything wrong. Can you attach a picture of your settings screen. Also, are you clicking on the View Playback on the main streaming screen? This is where you go to see the content on the card?

Here is a screen shot which shows 2 green spots, one containing the red line. The time between is about 2 minutes.


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Seapup - Thanks for the clarification! I believe the problem for Wyze is too many users like me who don’t pay for any type of subscription. It cost Wyze to keep thousands of clips in the cloud that are often nothing but bugs, shadows, or moving branches. I need to decide if it’s better for Wyze if I just use cloud thumbnails in conjunction with my SD card storage or if I pay a bit for 12-second clips stored in the cloud. I don’t really need that but maybe Wyze needs it.

Wyze is not giving you anything, in fact they are taking away your ability to have 12 second events.
When a company claims they are giving you something, you should always look for their motivation.
In this case, Wyze is paying too much for cloud storage of events. They think they can reduce the number of events stored to the Amazon Servers if they only captured events with people in them.
So they give us person detection, and take away everything else.
I personally need full motion detection, regardless of what is moving. But primarily for my pets. I want to know what they are doing while I am at work. It is the only reason I bought these cameras.
Wyse is now taking that ability from me and I don’t seem to have a choice in the matter.

Dear Wyze, you are a deceptive company and my praises and referrals stop now! Shame on you! Some of my cameras had the Plus. But when they expire, I will not renew.
I am going to look for alternative camera options. Because the product I purchased will no longer exist after Feb 15th deadline.
The very least you could do, is include pet detection also.
And not pretend you are doing all of us a favor!


Only thing you’re doing wrong is looking under Events instead of each camera’s View Playback section - that is where the SD recorded events are (if you’re set for SD motion recording and not continuous). That setting is independent of cloud event recording.

Yeah no. That’s not what’s happening. If you opt in to the new thing - Cam Plus Lite (ugh, dumb name) - you’ll still get regular motion events just as always. Events are NOT limited to person only. It doesn’t work that way. The person detection takes place in their servers, so you have to upload all motion events anyway. You’ve got it wrong.

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This move is is to

Get legacy grandfather v2 purchasers off their free 12 second plan

It will then move us to a new tier and we lose the original legacy terms

They will provide this free lite service and then sometime down the line say zero is not sustainable and everyone has to pay

I defended them on the robot vacuum causing damage but this rubs me the wrong way and we should think class action.

Wyze is not doing you a service by giving you something, they are taking something away under smoke and mirrors.

Btw. I am still grandfathered on my att plan. They didn’t try to move me to these unlimited plans, but they won’t force you. It is against all ftc trade laws and rules.


Same here, as well as ambulances. My mom loves to watch the mice and possums at night in her garden, and got a great shot of a bobcat straddling the camera.

None of these plans really work for her.

I just want you to know I just subscribed to wyze cam light for free to see if I like it. If I do am I able to easily up my contribution? I felt uncomfortable selecting a money contribution not knowing what the service will do for me but if I like it I will definitely contribute more than the suggested amount.

I need to see the events in the “Events” section. I don’t want to have to go the playback section for each camera. I have 10 cameras. I need to see all cameras together chronologically.

Here’s the deal: I think Wyze is lying. They say they want to do what’s best for users and they love their customers, but they regularly make decisions to push us toward a subscription service. I do not want a subscription service. I bought Wyze because of the “no fee” claim.

Every few days I see an advertisement in the app to get me to buy the subscription. How is displaying this advertisement so often in my best interests? It’s not.

I’m done with Wyze. I don’t trust the Chinese back-end software they use. They seem to do a “rug pull” every couple of years by taking away functionality while claiming it’s an improvement.

Why don’t you just add RTSP to the stock firmware and then I’ll Agent DVR or Blue IRIS to manage my cameras the way I want?



I’d like that too but how would it work? Either the app would have to poll ALL your cameras’ SD cards every time you use it and built a local table, or else Wyze would need to build and maintain an index of each SD card’s contents on their servers in a table similar to the current cloud Event format. Neither is a trivial undertaking, and the first option sounds way too slow and unwieldy.

When the first Wyze cam came out it had person detect, then “oh they couldn’t pay the cost so we’re removing it. I’m like ok, camera was decent, once in awhile I had to unplug because the sd card was not detected or it would just go off line, I understand. The person detect came back but you wanna charge me like Ring, I’m like “no”. New cameras came out, nice, colored night vision, nice, warranty replacement for defective microphones on 3 cameras replaced quickly, nice. But now you wanna change terms again, just sign up and optional “0” pay. You know, that’s known as “Bait and Switch”. I have a Minion Stuart cam by Tend given as a gift, unlimited cloud storage for 24hrs because it has no SD card option, I’ve never had to unplug to reset, never had it shutdown or denied access. The only thing is they changed the app over to a dedicated Tend app and all of my features are still on the camera. With Wyze’s reliability track record, changing of terms and features, it’s just time to go look at other products.


I cannot say exactly how the new integration will function, but in theory, you will be notified and the event will have a link or button to launch the actual video of the event on the SDCard based on the timestamp.

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Despite the heartwarming long letter, the CamPlus Lite offer is a tad insincere to existing subscribers, who have paid up for a dozen cameras for the entire year. The intro price was good, but it is likely to double in the next year. Another low cost player Kangaroo, is doing that.
This means I could have gotten cloud recording for nothing paid. Do I get my money back?
Is this a vague socialistic notion, that paying members, subsidize other users who don’t wanna pay?
The “pay as you like” scheme is laffable. It is nothing but a ham-handed fishing expedition. First you cast a wide net to get the big fish, namely paying customers. Then you use a smaller net to get non or little payers, and later on hit them up emotionally to pay a little more in few months, once they are hooked on it.
I look forward to not renewing my CamPlus subscription, and going the local recording route.
That said, I also look forward to integration of locks and all cameras into the home monitoring service. Ability to make custom groups of devices and adding a second security keypad for the backdoor, could addressed rightaway, sans these shenanigans.
I do hope the cameras going offline frequently will be rectified, as cloud and server space is better managed. That wud be the barest minimum to stick with you.
Go fish!

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The metadata for the event (camera name/number, date/time) would be uploaded to wyze servers, but the video itself wouldn’t be. The video is what creates the cost for Wyze, not the metadata. My door and motion sensors are sending a trivial amount of data to Wyze servers so that the app can display history and notifications. I’m saying the cameras should work in a similar way.

That would work, right?