Wyze cam bait and switch

How many bought wyze cams (V2, etc…) because you were promised all the features of wyze cam plus, only to have wyze add the subscription service? I purchased 6 cams before the wyze cam plus subscription and would love to upgrade but refuse to pay subscription fees to a company who allows others to view your cams.


You posted this same post about six times, give it a break. Get Cam Plus Lite for FREE
$0.00. :flushed: :flushed:


I’m sure this won’t be the last time someone is sad a new camera doesn’t have Cam Plus Lite and hoping Wyze will change their minds (they haven’t in 2+ years and won’t now). But they haven’t taken anything away from anyone.

Cam Plus Lite still includes the 12-second event videos on all the cameras that have ever had it and they threw in a bonus of Person Detection as well, even on cameras that never had it before CPLite launched.

People are still able to sign up for CPLite even now for any camera that ever promised it.

The launch of Cam Plus never took anything away from the cameras. It’s an extra service that adds new value that was not promised before.

Most of the newer cameras (those since April 2022) have not promised or advertised free cloud events, and honestly they don’t need them either. You still get notifications and can record events for free on an SD card and view all events there (and longer than 12 seconds in length too!). The only real downside of the new cameras not having CPLite is that they don’t get free person detection…which was never promised on most of the early models either (excluding the V2 camera during the time it had XNOR AI before Apple bought it and Banned Wyze from using it). but they still gave free person detection to all those cameras anyway. Without CPLite, the cameras still allow you to get notifications and events just like all the cameras that have CPLite, just the same way lots of competitors do their events (except for companies like Ring that force you to pay a subscription to even be able to get basic use out of the camera).

Wyze has been pretty clear for a couple of years now that CPLite is not being expanded. We can still buy older cameras that support it, but it’s not coming back on newer cams anymore. That’s not bait and switch since the newer cameras have never promised free cloud events and Wyze still provides it to every camera that has ever had it. In addition, they developed the new cameras to function well without needing cloud events or any subscription.

The subscription is just a bonus with extra stuff. The cameras work fine without it. My parents and brothers have lots of Wyze cameras without Cam Plus on them and they function well without it just using notifications and the SD card for event recording.

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I appreciate the reply. I want to be 100% clear because I don’t see this information clearly anywhere. If I purchase a V3 cam, which I currently have, I will still get the 12 sec video clips for free? I have SD cards in all my cams but navigating to a specific time point is tedious.
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Wyze never promised free cloud clips on the V3. But they added it later, nonetheless. But using a SD card fixes all.

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That is accurate, here is some more clear information in the Wyze support FAQs:

(Note that Wyze extended the date to April 2022 so they could include the WCOv2 with Cam Plus Lite)

CPLite will continue to work on all of those camera models even now if you buy new/used ones. :+1:


One important thing that others did not mention is that Cam Plus Lite still has a 5 minute cooldown between uploads. If you have a lot of activity where there is possibility of a false positive, then you need to wait another 5 minutes before it notifies you again. Personally, I don’t think it’s that useful because sometimes the AI Person detection isn’t that accurate and I find myself having to scroll through footage just to see if I miss anything due to the 5 minute cooldown. I remember someone making an analogy of hiring security guard who works for a minute then takes a 5-minute bathroom break.

If you feel that this is a deal breaker, then you can switch to TP-Link’s Tapo C120, Tapo C320WS, or C520WS as they all utilize Starlight sensor as well, If I recall correctly, you still get all types of AI notification without subscription and without any cooldown, You will need Tapo subscription (their pricing plan is dependent on your country and how many cameras you need) for recorded events and rich notification though. FYI, it was reported that the Tapo C120 WiFi signal is weaker than some Wyze cameras so YMMV. AFAIK, Tapo’s notification speed is significantly faster than Wyze’s.

For even better low light cameras, Tapo C325WB which uses another type of low light sensor which seems to be superior to Starlight sensor, but it is significantly more expensive. The camera lense and sensor specs seems to be very similar to Reolink’s CX410. Another thing missing from this camera seems to be a lack of IR LED, but I’m not sure if it needs it since the low light performance is so good. C320WS, C520WS and C325WB have the option to connect via ethernet or WiFi, but no PoE which is a blunder.

You can check out the link below for their experience transiting to Tapo:


I just ordered a Tapo C120 to try it out. I’m fed up with Wyze and am actively looking for alternatives to replace all my Wyze cams.


I installed the C120 this morning and so far I’m pretty impressed. It’s nice to have Pet detection again. It not only detects pets but actually tags them with a label that says “Pet” on the top part of the motion tagging box. It identified and tagged two 17 pound dogs at about 40 feet away.

Meanwhile Wyze support keeps d***ing me around. Finally got an email reply telling me that it’s unlikely that all of my V3s lost pet detection, then when I told them I didn’t care to debate what is or isn’t likely, I just want it fixed, they replied and told me to submit logs.

I politely told them I already did that for all four cams as they had previously requested.

If the night performance of the C120 is as good as the Wyze, it’s not looking too good for Wyze. Seems like they are doing everything they can to chase long-time customers away.

The only minor concern is that wifi strength is not that great. The C120 is in the same room as one of the mesh access points and in clear line of sight and I keep getting messages that the network connection is poor - try again later. Planning on trying it for a month and seeing how it performs long-term, and also see what Wyze decides to do with my malfunctioning V3s.

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Nice. I’m glad it is working for you. In my situation, I’m always in debate whether or not to make the switch. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to sell C120 in Canada. C320WS might get you better signal since they seem to have dedicated antennas, but I don’t know how much more expensive for you.

Luckily, I don’t have any huge issues with Wyze so I am not in a hurry to make the switch. One nagging issue that they seem to finally address was the Wyze Cam V3 Floodlight (Version 1) no audio playback from the SD recording. This issue was first reported from May 2023 and any firmware after have this issue. They say the next firmware update should address this problem, but who knows.

I don’t expect much from my Wyze V3 cameras and they are quite cheap and I guess it gets the job done. However, in my opinion they are a stopover and not a permanent solution so I will not invest heavily into their ecosystem. Their Cam Pan V3 cameras may look good on paper, but for me personally there’s too many single point of failure in terms of software and hardware (less moving parts the better) especially due to the Canadian winters.

Before Tapo came out with their cameras, you couldn’t get any Starlight sensor camera that cheap with a somewhat working software. There are always other Chinese branded cameras, but their software was horrendous so I was always on the fence on that. Like always the hardware is really good, but the software is just really weak.

The endgame is to pull and route ethernet around the house so I can hook up PoE cameras and use a NVR system, but it can get quite expensive. The upside is that it should eliminate any lag or stuttering issue I currently experience with WiFi cameras due to interference.

C310 is on sale on Amazon.ca


Unfortunately I can’t use the ones with the external antennas. For my specific scenario I need them to be as discreet as possible. Not hidden, just not attracting too much attention. The Wyze V3s are good for that. The Tapo C120 is also the right size.

The C220 is similar in size to the Cam Pan V3 so if I do make the full switch it will be a combination of C120s and C220s.

The Cam Pan V3 definitely has a lot of points of failure, not to mention, Person and Pet detection don’t work past 15 feet and motion detection in general doesn’t work past about 20 feet. The only redeeming quality they have is the physical privacy mode.

But I would love to replace them with Tapo C220s. I’m looking at four C220s and three C120s. Will probably also subscribe to Tapo cloud service for the sake of having events saved externally in case thieves take the cameras.

The C120’s color night vision is pretty much same as Wyze but…Pet detection actually works! I ordered one C220 to test it out. Should be here today.

Running ethernet cables would not be an option for me so it’s gotta be wireless.


I looked at the C220 spec and pricing and it looks like pretty good value. When I was reviewing the C220 specification page, it mentions it is using a Starlight sensor, but the aperture is 2. I don’t know if it is misprint or not because usually Starlight sensor has 1.6 aperture. You only get 850nm IR LED and the FOV is 88°D, 75°H, 41°V. RTSP and ONVIF are supported

An alternative option would be the C225 as it is supposed to use Starlight sensor and the aperture is 1.6 so that checks out. The low light performance should be similar to C120 and it should be better than the C220, but it is more expensive so I don’t know if that is worth it. You have two set of IR LED 850nm and 940nm. Apparently there are two hardware versions of C225. Version 1 's FOV is at 95°D, 81°H, 40°V. Version 2’s FOV is at 100°D, 83°H, 43°V. Version 1 supports RTSP and ONVIF whereas version 2 supports RTSP only.

I was also looking into Kasa KC410S and KC411S since it advertises the same Starlight sensor. However, their AI detection is significantly less compared to Tapo’s even though they are suppose to the same company. Also RTSP and ONVIF are not supported so I would go with the Tapo C220 or C225 V1 instead.