Multiple Users' Permissions for Shared Users

Any update on this? Would love to see a “guest” user account so I could share my cameras with them and allow guests to set up their own notification preferences!


Allow for shared cameras the ability to either set one time date/time that the shared user can view a camera or set a recurring schedule with date/time/duration for a camera.

I think turning off features and notifications for shared user would be nice, I hate seeing my mother in law get notified nonstop and be checking her phone all the time. If I could set rules for her shared cameras that’s be great


I second that idea, I have a camera in my sister’s home that monitors her husband has he has dementia and we have it that way because she can’t always be there but needs to know what’s going on. She shares does camera with me and I get all the notifications and it’s very irritating and I’d like to be able to shut them off or give her the option to shut off the notifications from the shared list


I would like to be able to change what notifications for devices using cam plus that are shared with me.

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Allow sharing of playback

I would like to be able to give my wife the ability to view playbacks from her account we have multiple cameras and she only wants access to a few of them but I can’t give her permission to anything other then viewing the cameras it’s frustrating that I can’t give her the same access I have.

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A family can’t make full use of all camera features

Because of the system design there is no way all family members can use all wyze camera features and also use their individual wyse bands or watches to their full extent.

This is because of how wyze has designed their device universe.

Because of this customers are forced to either buy smart watches or cameras from other companies if they want to have family wide use of all functions.

Bad system design choices on wyzes part.

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another 4 years of wishing the perms for shared users was limited. at least hide the buttons in the UI to use the features if you cant actually turn them off.

Shared users are able to view playback just in case an event happens when the homeowner is on vacation to provide footage to law enforcement.

It would be nice to have the ability to share rules. They could be associated with the device rather than having rules be unique to each user of the shared device. As it stands now, 2 different users can create conflicting rules having no knowledge or visibility to what the other user has done. This creates a problem with the management of shared devices.

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As a dev, I feel it pertinent for you to know that the ring dev team, left their customers video recordings unencrypted on what amounts to a internal public share and were quite content with watching each other’s video feeds, as well as customers on a very regular basis. That blew up and they have been forced to make some changes, but if you’re expecting a secure ecosystem with them, you should probably do more homework. Just a heads up.

Some of the “solutions” listed are ridiculous. One suggested is to let the other person log in with your account. That is fine if you are talking about your spouse, child, etc. However, There are times when you may want to share an outdoor camera with your neighbor without sharing the cameras inside your home. You want the neighbor to be able to watch SD recorded video on that camera.

This is also silly for a business. The only way for that “solution” to work in a business setting is that everyone needing access to the business security cameras needs to put all of their home security cameras on the business account.

I understand if there is a coding issue that your programmers cannot figure out how to make this work. However, there is absolutely no “security” reason why I would be OK with giving someone access to live feed and event recordings, but not the SD recordings. So, please figure out the coding so that the sharing will work as it should have from day one.




Yep. I shared mine today and one of my friends started talking through it. Come on, Wyze! Make it so we can change individual share settings. I don’t need everyone I share it with being able to talk through it whenever they want.

Turning on/off notifications from shared cameras.

I would like to suggest the ability to turn on and off notifications from shared cameras. I currently have 5 camera’s shared to me from another account and receive notifications from all of them. I really only want to view these cameras and not know when they detect anything. Currently, I can only control notifications from my own camera’s. It seems like I could create a rule to turn off notifications from shared cameras but that feels more tedious than being able to go to the notification menu in the app and turn them off from there.


How has nothing moved on this in 4 years?

Shut off cam for shared users

I would like have the ability to shut off cam in the app for a shared user. For example I decide to turn off the a cam to my pool a shared user such as my kids are able to turn it back on. I would like the ability to disable that for shared users.

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Wyze Management: I’m continually seeing owners inquiring on how to shut off certain features, cameras for shared users but have not seen Wyze address these issues. I am at the point where I will very soon need to share my contact information with another user, but would like to be able to limit their activity and what they see with their own login. PLEASE ADDRESS THIS.

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No regard for customer’s desire, no regard for what Wyze’s competition is offering, and no regard for best practices in the tech industry. Yep. On the other hand if you want a robot dog… Wyze is great.

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Please add Shared User Permissions. Specifically, with an ability for a Shared User to view video Playback.

Allow the shared users, with proper permissions, to access the following, separate functions:

  • View video Playback
  • Change camera Settings
  • Manage Account (e.g. Services/Subscriptions)
  • Manage SD Card (Ability to Format)

It’s very sad to see similar requests for Shared User Permissions and not have been solved at least one, especially the most asked and wanted one “PlayBack” feature!!!

Hope to Wyze developers taking in action to improve the features of Shared Users.