Moving the bridge from one camera to another

I am considering changing the camera my wyze sense bridge is plugged into into a different camera (upgrading it to a WyzeCamPan)

Will all my sensor settings stay with the bridge, Will I need to reconfigure everything?

I believe moving the bridge is relatively straightforward and painless. Unplug both cameras, remove the bridge from one camera and plug it into a new one, then power both cameras back up. Your settings should all remain the same no reconfigurations needed.

Of course keep in mind if the new camera is in a different location and is now too far from the sensors they may have connection issues.


Yeah that’s why I am doing this… I can’t move the bridge to another existing cam as they are to far from my garage sensors but I want to swap the cam that is there for a Pan. Hopefully I can just put the bridge back in once the pan is set up and walk away. :slight_smile:

I believe so yes. :blush:

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Yes it keeps your settings. I moved mine a month ago without a problem.

Thank you for the confirmation! :slight_smile: