Change bridge

I want to change the bridge that one motion sensor is on from one camera to another. Do I have to delete that motion sensor and add it back and in that process select the correct camera or is there a way to switch cameras without deleting the motion sensor completely?

I read that you simply go to add the sensor again (poking the pin hole and such) and choose the new camera bridge that you want. It is that simple.

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So delete it out and re-add it basically is what you’re saying

Is there an easy way to tell what devices are connected to each bridge?

I can go in and tell by MAC address for camera per device but that takes a long time

The way I know of is to go into the cam that has the bridge, then gear in upper right, Extended Devices, Wyze Sensor Bridge and it will list the devices connected to that bridge

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Duh I knew that. I keep forgetting that you can scroll that screen for more options. I’ve got to start remembering that. Thank you for reminding me

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I did not say that you need to delete it first. Re-read what I wrote. Wyze made it bone simple.

That doesn’t work for me. if you can get it to work please video it and show it to me. Because when I put the pain in the bottom it blink three times which means it was ready to be reset up. Nothing popped up on the Wyze screen nothing popped up on the device screen nothing. So you do have to delete it out and re-add it. And if you can prove me wrong please show me a video

Can you show me where you found this information? Because I haven’t come across it yet.

You do realize your op said “add sensor again” which means you must delete it to add it again.

I’ll work on this tomorrow for you. I tried to find the reference that I mentioned but got weary of looking for it. I have all of the bits and pieces to quickly do this tomorrow and document it well.

I’m looking forward to it.

You can do it without deleting you were correct. You were right but the instructions were a bit off. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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To do it correctly you have to do the following steps.

Add a product
Select the sensor type
Select the correct camera bridge
Then name as before( you can change the name if you want. And then go back and delete the old sensor)

So there was more to it than just poking the reset hole

You have this unnecessary step stuck in your noggin. Am I right? :grinning:

Otherwise I concur with your advice. I repeated the same steps a moment ago and it works just like you say, other than when you say you still need to delete anything.

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No. You need to read the fine details. :thinking: Because I said you could change the name if you wanted to and then go back and delete the old one. If you keep the same name you don’t have to delete it. But if you want to change the name then you have to go back and delete the old one. So that step is correct.
It’s why that part is in parentheses.

Hmm, I tried this, changed the name, there is nothing that I could go back to delete even if I wanted to.

Now the real question is who is more stubborn, you or I? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes there is because the old sensor still exist in your device list under the old name. So like last night I named a motion sensor that used to be called Keep Chris safe I changed it to master bathroom. When I went into the device list both of those sensors existed. So I had to delete the one that said Keep Chris safe. And if you ask other users they will tell you the exact same thing they’ve had to delete the old one if they change the name. So I believe maybe you might be being a little stubborn because you didn’t give the full instructions the first time and I had to get them from somebody else. :grinning:

Congratulations to both of us :trophy:

It could be because I’m using a beta app version.

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