A Bridge Too Far

I cannot get a door sensor to work - it is about 50 feet away from the bridge. If I move the bridge to a more centrally located camera, do I have to reinstall the sensors to that new camera? Or, can I add a second bridge? If so, does Wyze sell a bridge separately?

If you move the bridge, you do not have to reinstall the sensors. You can add a second bridge, but they way I’d do that is to move the first bridge and install the second bridge where it used to be. Otherwise you would have to reassign the sensors to the new bridge.

Don’t forget to consider how many walls the signal has to pass through, and how many big metal objects it has to get past (refrigerators, furnaces, duct work, etc). Yes, 50’ is a long way.

Wyze does not currently sell bridges separately, although there is a “maybe-later” wishlist item for it that could use some love:


So, I can move the bridge to a new cam, make sure the old sensors work, then add the new one - no reprogramming of the existing sensors. If it’s still too far away, I can just wait until a separate bridge is available, install it in a camera close to where I was trying to put the sensors. The new sensors work through the new bridge and old sensors continue to work through the old bridge in it’s original location.

Seems easy if I have it right.

Well, the only part that has me confused is the last part of the last sentence - “and old sensors continue to work through the old bridge in its original location.” You mean your current sensors and the 50-foot away original location?

Additional: If the current sensors still don’t work with the current bridge after you move it closer, then there are some posts here about adding an external antenna to at least the contact sensors.

Let’s use room names to make it easier. Currently, the bridge is currently installed in the Master Bedroom (MBR) Cam with two sensors there, below in my studio with one sensor, and two in the living room. The living room has a Cam Pan.

Wanted to put a door sensor at the back door and a motion sensor there as well. The back door location is what is too far away from the MBR bridge. The Living room Cam Pan is more centrally located in the house, but not perfectly so.

Solution One - move the bridge to the Cam Pan - find old sensors continue to work and add new sensor/motion detector at back door install successfully. Life is good. If something fails in this solution i.e. some of the sensors that were working fine when the bridge was in the MBR cam stop working - then

Solution Two - Reinstall bridge in the MBR Cam get a new bridge when available, install it in the Cam Pan. Install backdoor sensor and motion sensor to the new bridge in the Cam Pan. That would mean one MBR bridge with the current six sensors associated with it and a new bridge in the Cam Pan with a backdoor sensor and motion detector attached to it. Life is good, but I have to buy a bridge.

What do you think?

Sounds good. You didn’t mention if your bedroom and living room cameras are looking inside or out, but if they are looking inside then you can also consider additional outside-looking cameras near the hard-to-reach sensors to cover your approaches. At $25 a pop you can buy a lot of cameras, lol.


For right now, I have enough. If you come out with a true weather proof outdoor pan cam (works from -30 to +100 degrees), that would be a purchase.

Will be back at this location tomorrow and will give it a try.

I’m just a fellow user like yourself. :slightly_smiling_face: