Mounting on a shingle roof

I have a use-case that is a little unique. The only place for this is up on the roof. Other cameras will go under the soffit but this is needed up there.

However I have read that nailing it up on the shingles will definitely cause leaking problems. So the only place that will seem to work is a vent pipe that is sticking up vertically. It’s also referred to as stink pipe.

So I’m looking for ideas on something that I can strap to this pipe or attach to it which will create a flat surface to which I can screw the mount.

Whatever it is needs to have a curve so it will fit snugly to the pipe then on the other side it has to be flat so that the mount can be attached to it.

Can anyone offer up any ideas on what sort of thing this might be? I’ve got to believe that there is something in a plumbing department.

Thanks for your thoughts. Again under soffits won’t work for this particular camera.

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Is this for a Wyze Cam indoor, Pan, or outdoor?
The outdoor camera has a tripod screw on the bottom. I’m not sure of ways to mount cameras on a shingle roof without drilling holes. I would also recommend that you don’t mount the camera there because of the rain and snow that will be on the roof. You could use a gutter mount like this one with a tripod screw on it:


Zip ties. The answer to any question is duct tape, WD-40, or cable ties. Just use good ones.

Also, there’s no reason you couldn’t hammer into the roof and seal or caulk the result just as you would with mounting a satellite dish.


If you want to attach to the vent pipe, i would use a piece of what I call earthquake strap, but upon searching seems to be called galvanized hanging strap. I would personally attach to the shingled roof and seal it though as putting it on the vent pipe may cause a very shaky picture when the wind is blowing.


All you need is a hose clamp. 5" should work.
Wrap around the stink pipe and the camera base.


Are these gutter mounts compatible with both Wyze cams and pancams?
Looks like I could secure them under eve wood joists (cannot penetrate the wood).
Hmm, just measured and wood joists are about 1.5 inches wide, bigger than 0.68 inch max width for these.
Still looking for something better than good old standard C-clamps :wink:

If you really want to go with the shingle mount, roofing tar in a caulking tube heavily applied (carefully) around the cams base will give you a long lasting and, once dry, solid base. Can be removed, won’t leak or penetrate single. Just leaves a tar spot on shingle.
Wear Gloves!


I like this gutter mount idea but having trouble picturing it for my needs. The camera has to face UP toward a skylight so I can see when it opens. I’ll check for Google images but any clarity would help

It would work for the pan cameras because they have the tripod screw on the bottom, but you’d need to make sure that you use a housing like this one:

This doesn’t guarantee protection and using the cam outside will void your warranty.

It’s difficult to help since you still haven’t told us which camera you are trying to mount. The Pan, V2 and Outdoor all mount differently.

I was thinking of the v2 with outdoor housing of course. But I do have a pan too.

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So I would screw the camera housing to the house clamp?

It won’t need up there all that long. Once I catch my smoker it will come down.


If you are using an outdoor case I would just clamp a piece of wood to the stink pipe and screw the base to it.
If the pipe is ABS you could screw the base directly to it. All you would need is one screw. A small hole isn’t going to hurt a stink pipe.

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Are all tripods the same size? I have a pan cam with a screw

Yes, they’re universal.

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I guess is have to screw the camera housing to the clamp to make it secure in the wind?

I answered this in my last post.

Thank-you. This is what I ended up using. Out of the box it hangs below the gutter but I switched the screws to sit on top instead. Now the camera points up to the window without looking in. I’ll have to see if the camera can actually detect the smoke. If the smoke disperses too much by the time it gets out it might not work, but that has nothing to do with how it was set up.

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