Mounting instructions

The mounting instructions are complete ass. It would have been nice if they mentioned that the security screw was for mounting purposes and not opening the camera.

The end results are just awful. The mounting plate bulges on the angled adapter. Just looks sloppy. This has been a bad experience so far.

Can you send some pictures of it mounted? I don’t have a doorbell, but other community members could benefit from some images.

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Is the plate mounted backwards? Like stated, photos would help here! Thanks in advance!


Any photos of this? Any update?

The paper installation instruction could be improved for sure. It’s been awhile since my first install but I recall the app providing more detail.

If your install looks like this, then @Omgitstony ‘s suggestion stands, the mount needs to be reversed.

Here is also a video that shows the mount/wedge installation

Start at 9:30 Wyze video doorbell pro installation and review - YouTube


See how the plate isn’t flush with the angle bracket?

You need to flip the angle bracket so the flat (or smooth) side of the angle bracked is against the wall.

The slide bracket will fit inside the “combed” side of the angle bracket. Which will alleviated the gap and bulge.

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Like @R.Good stated, flip the angle bracket and the seperate plate should recess in a small amount.

On this photo:

How long is the top round head screw? Is it screwed in all the way? Is there some crud or plastic shavings under the screw head that may be causing you issues?

And to provide further visual aids…