Wyze Doorbell Pro Backplate

Is there a trick to getting the backplate on the camera? I just received my Doorbell Pro and when I try to get either backplate on the camera, they don’t go all the way up. The tab that would click in place doesn’t make it to the grove. I’ve tried the small hooks on the top and bottom separately by slightly bending the backplate, and neither of them go all the way. I’ve applied a lot of pressure and don’t want to break anything.

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Take a look at this thread and see if this helps any. I know it says remove in the title but I also provided, attach to mount videos.

Thanks for the info. The hooks on the backplate are so tight, the doorbell and plate aren’t flush on the top. There was about a 1 mm overhang. I used a small file and took a very small amount off each hook and it now lines up. .