Doorbell Pro Mount on Trim

Been a fan of Wyze for many years and have several of their cameras throughout my home. Decided to try out the Doorbell Pro this week and overall I love it. However, the installation is not ideal. I have it hardwired, replacing my existing doorbell button, and the hole for those wires is in the trim around the door. Said trim is “tiered” so to speak, where the right side of the trim is farther from the door than the left side. It stair steps down a few times from right to left. Is there a good way to mount on this? It forces my mounting bracket to be angled to the left (when viewing it head-on) and I cannot get all 4 bracket’s hooks into the appropriate holes in the back of the camera. Is there a good way to level up the mounting on the angled trim?

Can you take a side picture to show were it is lifted?

I mounted mine and the wire does come in from the side as well. I simply notched the side, if the bracket, a little to allow the wire to go under the doorbell mount and have it lay flush with the door. I also added a little wedge to ensure it stood out enough on mine.

Here’s a side picture. Not sure how well it shows the difference in elevation between left and right sides.

So, because of the molding, it is turned to the left some and stands a bit proud on the top, correct.

I personally would either get a Wedget from Etsy and then trim it to fit. or maybe create your own Shim to mount it to at the opposite angle.

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Yes, exactly. I’ll do some looking. I figured there had to be someone else out there who had ran into this before :smiley:

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