Doorbell straight mounting box

The doorbell should have a straight mounting box in addition to the wedge to allow room for the installation wiring as described in the instructions.

The wedge mount is fine for some locations, but others really need a straight mount.

Most doorbell buttons only have a tiny hole in the wall for the wiring. The provided flat mounting plate does not provide anywhere for the (provided) wire nuts and additional wire to go, and enlarging the hole in the wall may be impossible (brick/cement) or inadvisable (renters or people intending to remove the wyze doorbell in the future).

Adding an additional mounting box would add very little to the production cost and would remove lots of frustration.


Agreed. I ended up 3d printing an adapter. Not a fix for everyone, but as a few models have shown up almost as soon as people received their doorbells, it is a pretty wide issue.

I don’t have a 3D printer but I want a wider wedge with more angle. The old doorbell was round and this doesn’t quite cover the old opening in the brick. Not something you can easily cover up. Even just a wider base piece that the wedge can connect to and then to video doorbell itself on top of it. I guess I will keep my eyes open to see what folks come up with.


Yes absolutely should be an option! Currently my wire nuts are just hanging out and the doorbell is just installed a little incorrectly. Thought about drilling a larger hole in the frame but my doorbell wiring is in the door frame so i don’t have a lot of surface area to work with. Really unsure how this got through beta testing. It seems if it were brought up they would have the mounting plate have an option for this issue instead of either a flat install or a wedge.

Agreed. I ended up hogging a larger hole in the door frame to stuff the wire and wire nuts back into the frame. Messy at best. Lucky I have a wood frame. It will be a wreck when the doorbell is removed/replaced in the future. A choice of wedge angles would be helpful too. The one supplied is too steep for my narrow porch.

The area under my doorbell had been abused and I couldn’t mount my doorbell. I used a light switch cover to cover the damage, give me a means to mount the doorbell, and give me room to make the wiring connections. I used a decorative cover and it looks nice.

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Sounds interesting. Could you post a photo of the finished product by any chance?

Would also be nice to have as the mount they provide isn’t overly universal whereas the wedge is. I need a straight/non-wedged mount but now have to drill a new hole into the brick because the backing plate screw holes don’t line up with the old doorbell screw holes.


I just received my doorbell and installed it but ended up printing a 5mm riser and using the wedge because I have really thick wires and I couldn’t quite get the camera to snap on without a little more space.

Otherwise the installation was just 10 minutes and half of that was figuring out what circuit my doorbell was on.

Great job Wyze!!!

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If you havent installed it yet, you can use the existing bottom hole with the wyze plate, and just drill a new hole in the plastic cover to use the existing top hole in the masonry.

I dont have a 3d printer either, but I’ve heard of a few libraries getting them for public use. Either that, someone you know, or try to get someone on etsy to make it and sell it.

Installed mine on stucco. It’s can’t really get flush to the wall. I used some silicone caulk to waterproof around the edges to close off the exposed wires. Hopefully it doesn’t overheat at some point.

It would also be nice to have a straight adapter that angles the view down a little. I would like to get a better view of packages at my front door than the sky. Thanks!

The wires coming out of my house were coming thru a small drilled hole in a 2x4 behind the original doorbell.  That leaves no room for wires in the standard WYZE video doorbell mount.  So I had to use the wedge so that I could put the wires and wire caps somewhere.  It would be better if you offered a straight mount with room to put wiring and wire caps inside.  That is, it would have space behind the video doorbell for wiring like the wedge, but would point straight out.  We will attempt to make one out of wood.  I may also want to point it down a little more so I can see the porch, so the above offset mount should be compatible with that option too.

I agree that we need a straight mounting box with space for wires. Unfortunately, I can’t see 1/3 of my front entry with the angled plate.

Suggestion - make the wall plate deep enough to fit the wire caps.
I made a wood plate to have room to install the wall plate with the wire caps. I had a flat surface with 2 wires extending from the wall with no room for the wire caps. I didn’t need the wedge.

Video Doorbell spacer option

The doorbell comes with a wedge for directional options which has the added benefit of providing more space for the wiring inside the doorbell plate. I would like to see a spacer that provides that extra space but allows the camera to continue to point straight ahead.

This is my view because I had to shove the bracket into the existing spot, so it’s not flush. Either a straight wedge or an adjustable one would work. I’d even pay for it…

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Really Wyze??? Same issue as everyone else. I need the straight adapter and no room for wires. I don’t 3-D print, so I had to go to a 3rd party supplier who makes an adapter for WYZE. That is really sad in my opinion. To pay more for something that should be available from WYZE.