Motion tracking/panning

I’m not entirely sure which feature I’m looking for, but I need to turn off auto motion with my outdoor mounted Wyze Cam Pan V3 - it’s constantly moving around and readjusting the view, almost dizzyingly. Perhaps this is motion tracking? Directions I’ve found seem to involve turning off motion tracking or pan scan, but I can’t find either, nor I can find the 3 lines (“more”) for additional settings, nor can I drag a menu screen up to find these options. All directions seem to be for previous software versions?

The only option I have to turn off is motion tagging, which is not what I want to turn off.

Basically, I just want the camera to sit still and not move at all unless I manually move it. Motion sensing within that field of vision is totally fine.


Welcome @tccarnuel

If you Pan Cam v3 is panning all the time or following motion and you want it to sit in one position until you decide to do it, you can simply turn off the Motion Tracking and Pan Scan as indicated.

Those options are located by live streaming the camera and the Arrow is pointing to the area where the options are available.

Simply scroll this bar to the left and you will see the 2 options as shown below:

Note: if you are seeing it constantly moving, I would turn off Pan Scan as that will cause the camera to rotate between your way points. Track Motion will follow the motion as it happens.

Green colored icon indicates it is selected and white means it is off. As you can see in mine, I have Track Motion on and Pan Scan off.


Thank you so much! I hadn’t realized I could scroll on those options to reveal the others. I really appreciate the tip.


All these options are turned off for my camera, but every week I have to adjust it back to center because it has moved left by itself. Not sure what’s happening or what else to do.

The Cam Pan V3 has a critical flaw in the mechanical tolerances for the gears responsible for pan & tilt. Firmware fixes attempting to mitigate the affects of this flaw have been largely unsuccessful.

The original reporting and discussion of this issue is in the thread: Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position

The status of this flaw is being updated in the thread: Wyze Cam Pan v3 Drift Update

Even with the Track Motion or Scan Features off, if the cam turns off (privacy mode), gets manually adjusted, updates firmware, or experiences a power cycle or power loss, the cam will recalibrate and return to a home position that could be slightly off from the original position.

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