Motion Tagging Turns Itself Off

Motion tagging keeps turning itself off many times a day on my V3 cameras. This last app update really screwed things over…again. Why can’t you guys at Wyze test your updates prior to release?!

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Can you get a device log in the devices settings > wyze support. Post the number here please.



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Well they beta test all of their updates , but bugs still make it through the cracks . So annoying !

Not sure how these bugs made it through the cracks when it happened immediately after the latest App update. The only reason they didn’t catch it was because they did not test the update thoroughly enough. In fact considering their track record with buggy software, I doubt they even test any updates and rely of customer feedback.

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Wyze has a public beta as well as various levels of internal testing we don’t know about. Not sure how some of this makes it through, but I’m sure they are trying their best as these frequent missed bugs are more recent. I hope to see some improvements in this area.

Anyway, could you please contact support and give them those log numbers. They will be able to give them to the correct team to get them looked at asap. Thanks!

There needs to be an easier way to submit log numbers. The current system is a multi step process and not convenient for busy customers.

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How do you suggest making it easier? Currently, you just go through a few quick pages and hit Submit.

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It should be a one step process from the App.