Support id 1044359

I just sent in my logs on my V1 cam not updating.
Thanks :blush:

Is your post related to this other post of yours?

No. Its alog of my V1 cam that wont update in the app/

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Is “1044359” the Log ID that you received when you submitted a log from the Wyze app or an ID number you received from contacting Customer Support?



To help @Seapup here. An “app log” number is not a “Support ticket” number. They are seperate things.

An app log is what you receive when you submit a debug log via the app. The the app then tells you the log number so you can contact support and reference the log number.

A Support ticket number is the number associated with your correspondence after a contact was made with Support by you. This number can be used to track the assistance provided to you from Wyzes end.

Is “1044359” an app log, or a Support ticket number? You refer to it as the support ID in the title, but log in your posts.

What firmware is currectly on the camera, and what firmware are you trying to update to?

I also had some replies assisting you in the thread that seapup linked to, did they help you out?


This is all so confusing… I’ll just uninstall the v1 cam and try to update it again

What firmware is currently on the camera, and what firmware are you trying to update to?

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