New Stuff with camera update

I don’t understand anything about this email about updating to Beta. I’m keeping my settings the way they are. Also, I have sent in 2 issues about my camera and still haven’t heard back. I’m not going to post the Log numbers on here but if you need them, please respond here or look at the Logs. They were sent over 48 hours ago. Thank you and God Bless​:latin_cross::pray:

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This is a user to user forum. Wyze will periodically look into these, but to get help from the community, it would help if you post what your issue is;

Also include the details such as:

  • Wyze iOS App version being used
  • What iOS OS Version are you running
  • Based on the header, it looks like you have an issue with V3 Cameras. If so, can you provide the Firmware Version and Plugin Version
  • A description of the issue you are experiencing.

Looking forward to what you provide.


re: LOG FILE # - They go into a big basket never to be seen again.
Only Wyze tech employee have access to those log files, feel free to post here.
When you open a ticket, include the log file number & include relevant information.
As @spamoni says, the Community Forum needs detail in order to assist.