Motion-sensor-v2o **Explain regular (1) wyze, wyze plus (2) and wyze plus {3) pro in simple Enkgl;sh please**


Explain regular (1) wyze, wyze plus (2) and wyze plus {3) pro in simple English pleasemotion-sensor-v2.

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I think there is a misunderstanding here.

According to the title, the tag and the question, you are asking about the motion sensors (the second version of the sensor). But the motion sensors don’t have a plus or plus pro option at all. The motion sensors are not cameras. They are little square devices that sit in your room and check for something like body heat to be able to tell if there was motion from a human in that area. These motion sensors do not record video. They are not a camera.

Those motion sensors are often used with a security system, which Wyze calls HMS (Home Monitoring Service), which includes other things beside motion sensors. But this doesn’t necessarily require having cameras.

Now the CAMERAS are a different matter. Wyze has several different camera options:

They all have difference uses and different hardware, but they have a few different kinds of subscription options. The following are common options:

  • Thumbnails and Push Notifications only
  • Cam Plus Lite
  • Cam Plus
  • Cam Plus Pro

You can view a comparison chart of MOST of the main differences on the FAQ page here:

The summary of differences for the Camera subscription options is as follows:

  • Thumbnails and Push Notifications only: No cost, and you’ll just get push notifications sent to your phone whenever your camera detects motion (max of 1 notification every 5 minutes).
  • Cam Plus Lite: Any price you choose, Includes everything as the previous option, except in addition, this one will record a 12-second video to store for easy access on the cloud (max every 5 minutes, stored for 14 days). It will also be able to check and tell you if a person was detected in the video.
  • Cam Plus: Monthly or yearly price options and various promotions can change the rate, but normally $1.99/mo or $14.99/yr. This will record ALL detected motion (not limited to once every 5 minutes) to the cloud (for 14 days). It will also have lots of options to have an AI analyze for the video for various things like detecting a person, or pets, or vehicles, or package delivered to your door, or any number of things (A facial detection feature will be available for this at some point). Plus ability to fast forward through Videos, and view your cameras through a secure website on your computer. And get special discounts on other Wyze products.
  • Cam Plus Pro: Normal cost = $3.99/mo or $39.99/yr per camera. This includes everything Cam Plus does, as well as the ability to have your camera used as a fully functioning security system that will call a security company (who can dispatch law enforcement) if there is a break-in to your house detected by the camera when it is set to “Armed” status through the app.

There are some other things that could be said for each of those services, but that is the main summary.

I hope that helps, my apologies if there is a misunderstanding since you kept typing about “motion-sensor-v2” but then asked what appeared to be a question about the subscriptions for the cameras instead (plus, plus pro, etc).