Motion Sensor insides & how to limit the sensing angles while keeping the good design

One of my motion sensors fell off where I set it (my fault about how I secured it and I was not using the included adhesive), but when it hit the floor the front cover popped off. I figured I might as well take a picture of it for others who may be curious what it looks like without the cover:

Interestingly, the front cover is just held on by 2 sided tape.

Thus, if you wanted to reduce the angle or limit the view on one of these to better suit a particular use case, instead of taping on the outside (which might look a little tacky…I would know, I did this for a previous motion sensor to limit the sensing area for a particular situation) you could easily pop off the front, block off the appropriate part, test it, then press the lid back together on the 2 sided tape, and your modification would work and still look great.

Kind of a cool accident since nothing is actually damaged. :slight_smile: Thought others might enjoy seeing the inside and how easy it would be to modify/limit the detection area if needed.


Cool ! Now I know what mine looks like thanks bro ! Sorry it popped off, glad it wasn’t busted lol

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Hello All.
Coming across your post has reminded me of the technician who recommended using white duct tape or white vinyl tape to mask off regions of the lens on the outside of an old analog motion sensor without having to take the sensor apart. For those not interested in dismantling things this is probably a good option.
Below is a picture of an external sensitivity reducer (not a region masker) for an earlier Wyze motion sensor that I made from the plastic of a milk carton. Also, this motion sensor is aimed to reduce street traffic activation.

A piece of carton plastic, if placed within the new Wyze sensor may also be a sensitivity reducer. But to mask off sensor regions some IR opaque and appropriately positioned material is needed
I like your method because it presents an unadulterated appearance.