Motion sensor always on

Noticed while out today my sense motion sensor was always showing as showing “Motion”.

Had been working before today. I tried removing and resetting the device. After adding back again it’s still showing as “Motion” constantly.

Will try more troubleshooting tomorrow but wanted to log this just in case anyone else has noticed the same.

there have been a few people that have had this issue, I did at one point as well. I pulled the batter from the sensor to clear it fully, then powered down the camera with the bridge, did a power cycle on it and since, everything has been working fine.

After deleting the device, removing the battery from the sensor, and rebooting the camera it does seem to be working again. Thanks!

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I’m glad you got it working. since doing that I have not had any other continued issues, so you should be alright too :sunglasses::+1: