Motion Sensor Alexa Delay

Hey all,

I wanted to see if anyone else is noticing this right now. For about a day now my motion sensors are having very long delays with Alexa. The motion is showing up just fine with the Wyze app but reports to Alexa either don’t show up or are hours behind.

I have other brand sensors and they are updating just fine. Just looking to see if anyone else is noticing this or if you have any suggestions.

This is with the V1 and V2 motion sensors. The contact sensors seem to be working just fine.

Updating that it’s also the contact sensors too.

Seeing same.

30-40 min delay to Alexa for any alerts coming from Wyze.

Just noticed that in the app HMS still reads ‘away’ and Im definitely not (got home an hour ago) so something weird on the Wyze side.

My motion sensor on Alexa is saying 7 hours ago, contact sensor took about 15 minutes to trigger. Its weird.

I’m at a computer working so I did the thing with chat support… They’re forwarding it up the chain. 1289393 if anyone is also doing the thing and wants to link all the tickets together.

Sounds good. I’ll put in a ticket tomorrow if it’s still busted so if they need more data.

Looks like everything is working again.

(No response from support yet though)

Yeah, mine just started working again too. Looks like it’s been resolved for the time being.

Believe it or not, Wyze Sense V2 sensors are not supported with Alexa. They show up, but that’s just by coincidence. I added to the wishlist for them to support HMS/Sense V2 with Alexa and you’ll need to vote for that function. I just added it and am waiting for it to be approved but please vote for it when you see it. Thank you!