Motion event playback from SD

I have four v2 cameras that record motion events to SD card. The Wyze app beta is installed on three different Android devices. This problem can be reproduced on all devices with any/all cameras.

The app plays motion events one after another until there are no more.

  • In older versions of the app, “no more” was flashed when the last event was played and nothing more happened. You could then use the back arrow that’s to the left of the time scale to scroll back through the events.
  • In the current production version of the app, after the last event was played the app would either play a “random” event (probably from the cache) or return back to the home screen.
  • In the current beta version of the app, after the last event is played the app appears to be jumping forward to January 19, 2038 @13:14 before eventually displaying a black screen in the video player. The back arrow no longer functions.

Here are the steps I use to reproduce this:

  1. Choose a camera from the Wyze app.
  2. Press “View Playback” to view events that are stored on the SD card.
  3. Find the last event recorded and start playing it.

When the event has finished playing the player will display the aforementioned date in 2038 and the back arrow will not function.

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Interesting find… I get January 18, 2038,

Glad I’m not the only one… the important thing to note is that when you get to this point, the back arrow no longer functions and eventually the video player screen goes black. The only thing I can do is exit playback and start again.

Hi, @mwark. Can you please provide feedback and logs through the app so the devs can possibly see and fix the bug you’re experiencing? Keep in mind, you will be sent back a ticket number, but you will not receive a response from the devs or support. Please let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Logs sent. The subject of the email is the title of this thread.

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