Motion evens are not visible when a person is detected

I have two WYZE pan cams. I have not subscribed to cam plus. I expect events to be captured when a motion is detected.
Motion events are captured correctly but when a person is detected, I can’t see that capture event. When I see the playback, the motion is clearly there. This is very dissappointing for people who have not subscribed to motion plus. Has anyone seen this issue? I believe it must be fixed.

Sorry that makes no sense? If you saw the playback then it successfully recorded. Are you talking about SD card recording?

Without CamPlus Wyze includes free 12 second cloud-stored clips whenever motion is detected (human or otherwise with no distinction) with a 5 minute blocking period between detections.

You are right. Motion is shown in SD card recording. I think the problem is in the app design. Person detection must be a subset of Motion. Otherwise it’s a problem for non motion plus customers.

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Correct. In fact ALL of their “AI” CamPlus features are subsets of motion detection. The camera detects motion and uploads a clip. All the other detection happens in “the cloud”.

Then how do you explain why I am not seeing motion events when it there a person?

The person would have to be moving and it would have to be within the restrictions of the 5 minute cooldown. If another motion event had already occurred, it could be skipped.


After the server update happneo few days ago, it’s working correctly now. thanks

I am very sorry to mention this again. Issue is not fixed. All important motion events are invisible to non cam plus users. Only SD card records those motion events.

I am having a similar problem just recently. Starting 4/7, my Cam Pan stopped saving all events to Cam Plus. Some (but not all) nighttime (i.e., no lights) events were saved but none during daylight hours. Since 4/9, even the few nighttime events have not been saved to the cloud.

They are saved to the SD card, however, and can be reviewed using the playback function, so the camera is identifying the motion correctly.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have tried changing the sensitivity settings with no luck. Thanks.