No motion or person detection in Cam Pan

I love Wyze cam, but this is quite common… My Cam Pan simply stops to record motion/person and send notifications after some period of time. I´m not 100% sure, but seems that this problem occurs after firmware and/or app upgrade. Along with this, there is no sdcard record (sdcard not available). It only works sound detection. I turn on/off the camera, restart device, etc with no luck. In most of the cases, after some days the motion/person detection starts to work again with no different action from my side.

Please Wyze, we need more reliable products instead of new faulty products each month.

I saw several posts with quite similar bugs… Does anyone have exactly same issue of mine… or ate least the same perception? Which is the best workaround?


Take a look here:

Thanks! Enabling Detection Zone fixed the issue. In fact I´ve selected all the camera view as “detection zone”.

Hope we don´t need in the future this kind of workaround to have basic features working perfectly.

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