Motion distance

I’ve got an OG I’m testing. I want to detect vehicles. It seemed to do that thru my bay window, clear glass, looking at the road 75 feet approximately to road.

Some dipsticks have pulled into my yard at night a couple times, parked behind our tree for who knows what purpose. Can it do that thru my window inside, thru window and screen? I’ve tested the OG, it’s not horrible thru a screen. I have discussed windows and screens here some already.

I know I’ll need a window kit and probably need to turn on a free trial to cam plus or something, and darkness in the room.

OG ok or should it be V3 or what? Distance is also about 75 feet approx to tree. I’m looking for motion notifications, with IR lights off and status light off.

The cam doesn’t determine the distance at which it will detect motion. The OG is just as capable as the V3 under the same conditions.

What determines its effectiveness at that distance is your FOV. Placement of the cam is more important than any settings. Location, location, location. If you set a great cam with a horrible FOV, you get horrible results. This goes for all cams.

75 feet is a pretty good clip for any cam. Perhaps an OG Telephoto might be a better option.

From what you are describing: window, screen, backlight, it sounds like you may be fighting an uphill battle.

Cam Plus will not affect the motion detection capability of the cam in any way. The Motion Sensitivity and the cam placement determine that.

If you only want notifications for motion, and not for Person, Vehicle, Pet and Package, then Cam Plus isn’t necessary. However, without Cam Plus you will be subject to a 5 minute lockout cooldown between upload events and notifications. You will also not get uploaded video clips, only thumbnail snapshots.

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I would agree that the OG-Tele may be a better choice at that distance. Depending on what area you are trying to cover, you may need more than one.
And flat out, you will get better images with the camera outside.


Thanks for the input. Unfortunately there is no power outside that’s convenient.
The room is dark at night, a little bleed light from the kitchen, but little to none and I can partially close the door. It’s a toy room for the grandkids.

The only hump is the window and screen. I’ll buy a window mount and make it part of my testing and see what happens.

My current other brand outdoor wireless only detects at about 30 feet. Or if on high sensitivity, detects everything everywhere. No finite adjustments.

Keep in mind that if you looking through the glass, you absolutely MUST disable the IR illuminators.