Your opinion of the Cam OG Telephoto?

I have an Indoor-Outdoor Cam V3 on the back deck pointed at my barn about 200 feet away. It doesn’t do a great job of alerting on motion around the barn, regardless of the settings and I’ve tried the full range and all of the options.

I’m considering replacing it with the Cam OG Telephoto hoping that the X3 magnification will help detect motion of vehicles and people. Is that a reasonable hope? What is your general opinion of that camera’s performance?

(btw what does “OG” stand for or signify?)


It would work far better. In post 165 of this thread, I post a comparison screen capture of a V2, V3, and OG-Tele that are sitting side by side:

OG is apparently internet slang for “Original”


I saw that, thanks. But does it really translate into 3x better motion detection at a distance? One could “zoom” in 4x by merely duplicating each pixel three more times in a square, but that wouldn’t necessarily help motion detection.

Remember, the Tele is a real optical zoom - not a digital zoom.