Motion Detection Snapshots

My cameras are located in two separate locations (these two locations are separated by hundreds of miles). All are in the same account. Those which I will call location “a” have produced motion activated snippets for years. Those at location “b” produced motion activated snippets also for years. That is, until recently, when these cameras started producing only a snapshot when motion was detected. As I said, all the cameras at both locations are in the same Wyze account! Any help will be appreciated.

If you are just getting thumbnail photos instead of short 12 second video clips you will need to get at least Cam Plus Lite, name your price even free, $0.00. The days of free short video clips went away a long time ago.

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Note, all cameras are in a single account. All at one location are recording events as they should. It now appears that some of the cameras at another location are recording events and some are not–they are recording snapshots… Bizarre!

Are you using Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?