More V3 Camera Issues

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wyze cameras. I number each camera that is purchased to help me with inventory. My last three cameras received are # 47 - 49.

However, I do not consider my Wyze cameras a serious security camera system. For a serious security camera system, I have a wired camera system using IP based cameras and a local NVR. I have hours of battery available for this system and the networking pieces for it.

With that said, I can remotely access both systems, and for general operating, I almost always pull up the Wyze app because it is FAR easier to use and quickly see what’s going on.

BTW my NVR can access Wyce cameras that are flashed for RTSP.


One thing to check to see if it is at fault is to ask what network WiFi router are you using, and how far are the cameras from the router?

So many times it is the infrastructure. But if a legitimate Wyze issue, then they need to work on that, for sure. And I do understand the cameras should handle losing a WiFi connection. But lets not depend on Wyze to fix that issue. Why did you lose the WiFi signal?

I personally don’t have this issue.

Not sure how restarting the cameras twice a week prevents it losing a connection. But how are you doing it, though the app or actually unplugging them?

You don’t understand.

My router is fine and easily reached all my cameras. I even had a camera not 20 feet away from my router lose it’s connection. Yet every other device in my house was working fine via WiFi. It’s only my Wyze camera’s that do this every so often, and usually when I’m out of town. And then it gets my head spinning thinking that someone broke in and smashed the cameras or my house was on fire. Seems like I worried less when I didn’t have security camera’s. lol

Rebooting cameras will release its cache to flush, recalibrate the settings, clear any memory leak issues, and revise connections, particularly with the router/modem which also may be suffering from memory leak issues (router and modem memory leak issues are a major cause of people’s connectivity issues, though not the only one), among other benefits. I used to reboot my devices…I had to do this back when I had Xfinity. That’s back when I had problems with my Wyze devices.

Also, many people don’t even use smart plugs to make the cameras reboot regularly. Some people just use the app rules to schedule them to restart at specific intervals to ensure they always have a fresh connection on the router, etc.

I don’t need to do this anymore. Ever since I ditched Comcast and got a decent router I have cameras that have gone years working totally reliably other than the rare AWS outages. Several cameras that only ever reboot when I do firmware updates and no other time. They’ll go months and months without any rebooting and never have a single problem. Now that I have a good ISP, good Router, etc my Wyze devices do actually function as advertised. They’ve even got stronger up-time than my cameras from the other more expensive brands that I use as redundancy. I know some people really struggle with their cameras or other devices working well, I know that’s a reality for many people. I am just saying that it is possible to have fully functional, reliable Wyze devices as expected. I have over 40 Wyze cameras and another handful from other brands, and I don’t suffer with all the connectivity issues, etc that some people do.

This is a list of things I’ve found from personal experience that can be part of a person’s connectivity issues:

Once I addressed all of those things, my experience has been phenomenal. The value is AWESOME to me. I respect others having different preferences, and I even LIKE that not everyone likes Wyze. Competition is good for everyone, but to me, I feel like when I buy from others that I am just getting ripped off by their high-profit margins and totally ignoring users. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again because this has been my personal experience:

(Original context post here–it was about the Wyze Scale being objectively rated as the best scale, beating even more expensive scales with higher profit margins…more expensive does not mean better quality)

I do it through the app. From the Home Screen, I click the edit (pencil) icon on the top right, select Edit rules. I’ve created 2 rules to restart my cameras at different times:

As @carverofchoice said, doing so would help refresh the cameras’ connections. I’m doing it to preemptively prevent my floodlights from going offline again. To be fair they only went offline once every few months before, so I’ll probably tell you next year if the rules really helped. :grin:

I used to feel that way too, but then I realized most other devices don’t need to constantly upload or download videos. Also when they have connection issues we probably cannot tell as easily as they can just show the old stale data they have (like temperature).

Just set mine up this way, hopefully that fixes things.

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I have the same issue. I bought Wyze plugs and put them on the camera plugs. That allows me to power off the camera and power it back on via the Wyze app.

Back when I started using a handful of Wyze Cams on a rinky dink K-Mart WiFi router, I also went the Smart Plug route (non-Wyze) because I needed something that would power cycle the cams on a schedule. It helped… until I doubled my IoT load.

Then I upgraded to my first Mesh Router with a Mesh Extender and the offline problems that were then only occasional went away completely. I was still power cycling on a daily schedule.

Then I upgraded to my second Mesh Network, this time a 3 router Mesh, all on wireless. Still experienced no offline downtime of any of my 20+ cams. But, I was still power cycling daily.

Then I shut down all schedules and routines to power cycle. I haven’t power cycled my cams or restarted any of them in many months. No offline cams yet. 100% uptime.

So what changed? My cams or my network? This has been a discussion in the Forum for as long as I have been here. Not all routers treat IoT the same way. Not all routers treat Wyze IoT, or other ecosystems for that matter, the same way.

But, I agree with @K6CCC. Even if it is offline, if it is still powered, I would rather it keep recording to the SD Card instead of try to reboot to a possible dead router \ ISP Modem and loose SD Recording.

With the recent evidence that Wyze is actively testing Offline Cam Push Notifications, it appears they are working to at least come up with a way to make offline events immediately visible. With so many brands and models of blameless routers that can’t possibly be the cause, I don’t think we can ever expect the cam vs router camps to come to a consensus.


Did firmware update for all cameras. Now 1 of V3’s will not connect to router. Other V3’s are ok. Called support & told many are experiencing problems after latest firmware update. Last week 1 of my Pan V2 stopped working and cannot be used b/c unable to do a complete reset. It is useless. It only lasted a year. Wyze offered a ridiculous $5 gift card as compensation. Such poor support . Can not trust these products.

Is there a way to contact someone in corporate office to help? Only can talk to support from Philippines, which is worthless.

I know we can use Wyze Plugs to do a power restart and I even one on one of my cameras. But, this is another expense and item that draws power,

I have a Nest Thermostat that has never been restarted in over 4 years and it’s worked fine. It connects to the internet daily to get weather data and such. I rarely ever turn off to restart my MacBook Pro and it I use it to connect to the Internet daily as well. Just seems like reboots shouldn’t be necesseary with products anymore, they should just work.

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I was just gonna suggest that. I have windows scheduler checking to see, hourly, if Netcam Studio is running and, if not, restart it.
Over the year I’ve picked up a few Kasa Smart outlets at Goodwill for a few bucks each. When I have trouble with the cams staying alive, I’ll use them to remotely restart the cams.

I’ve had this issue also, but it is my network that is at fault, if it happens again look at the playback for that time, did it still record? if it did it’s not the camera at fault but the network, maybe invest is a mesh router to expand your WiFi or figure out why your WiFi may be dropping the signal.

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Definitely not my network, as I don’t have this issue with all the other devices in my home that use it. And looking at the signal strength of each of my camera’s via the app, they always show full strength.

I do have Google mesh router. Have also tried connecting directly to the ATT fiber router also. Both get error message that cannot connect to local network. I have several other Wyze cameras that are working fine,
Only 1 camera is not able to connect. Occurred after notification to update firmware on all cameras.
Per Wyze, they are having a major issue with same connectivity problem with many other Wyze customers. They are actively working on a fix. Told me to keep trying later to sign on.

Same issue as you.
Replaced/Upgraded router……all fixed

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I have several V3’s, V2’s and a V3 pan. The mix is at two locations, with two different internet providers (Cox and Comcast) and with two different mesh router systems (the location served by Cox has a Google Nest 2 pod mesh, the location with Comcast has a 2 pod Netgear Orbi system). Both are on 1gigabit service. Both systems have cameras both inside and outside.
I rarely ever have a camera go offline. As in almost never. I have had one older V2 go offline every once in a while, and I haven’t figured exactly why. It is in the location served by Cox and the Google mesh system, and the only thing I can come up with is that based on its physical location, It may be seeing both pods on the mesh, and connecting to the more distant one, and not the one slightly closer and with the better signal.
I agree with others that this is likely more of a connection issue than a hardware issue.

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It’s a connection issue alright, due to Wyze’s Camera’s! I even had a Wyze camera sitting right next to my Netgear gaming router and eventually it lost the connection requiring me to reboot it several times.

Yes, just lost connection on my Pan v2 cam after updating the firmware. Looks like it’s the 3rd Wyze camera that this has occurred after doing the latest firmware update. I have a total 9 Wyze cameras. Other cameras seem to be ok. Most of time I can reset connection by unplugging camera and Re plugging camera. But, now I have 2 that I can’t seem to reconnect. Now, this 3rd one is having problem.

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