More product availability on amazon

I’ve bought some products off of Amazon, sadly the offering is rather limited. For example I can not buy extra sensors without having to buy another camera.

Separate sensors or even just the sense starter kit being available through Amazon would be fantastic.

This may be more of an issue of what Amazon chooses to offer vs. what Wyze makes available to them (I’m not privy to those details). Making this request directly to Amazon may be beneficial.

Oh it’s not you guys proxy vending through them? Kinda sketch, but unfortunately the only way for me to buy it. I’ll go ask them instead, thanks.

First, I need to clarify that I’m not a Wyze employee. Just a fellow user who volunteers to help moderate the forum.

Amazon doesn’t make it very obvious who is selling things on the site. But if you look carefully at a listing, you will see “sold by XXX and fulfilled by Amazon” or “ships and sold by Amazon”. The former are third-party vendors. Some of these are even selling fake products. I do not believe Wyze has their own store on the Amazon site.

The piece I don’t know is whether Wyze makes everything available to Amazon to sell and Amazon chooses how and what to package together. Or if, on the other hand, Wyze restricts what they make available to Amazon. A Wyze employee may jump in here to clarify.


Hi, folks!

Loki called me in here to clarify.

This is a decision that we made because of the requirement of the starter kit. That’s a bit more difficult to explain effectively over Amazon compared to our website (where we have more control and freedom over messaging presentation). We are considering changing this in the future so the Wishlist is a good location for this request! :slight_smile:


Aha, so you are worried people would buy the sense starter kit and then complain it only works with a camera. Which would generate bad PR, which is understandable to avoid.

I would super appreciate it if the sensors became available as addons though. Perhaps including “Addon” in the product listing title would give people enough of a clue because it implies it adds on to something? :wink:

Im specifically jonesing for the contact sensors, because they are perfect as a base for some DIY trickery; Its easy to wire a different trigger to the contact sensor to make it detect just about anything. Waterleak sensing (fishtanks, freezers, washingmachines), pressure sensing (doormats, gastanks), washer/dryer timer integration, to name a few. Combined with tasker’s (app) ability to replace notifications and Wyze apps ability to rename sensors, you can make this system sing, :wink:

Sidebar wish; a DIY trigger pod, basically the brain half of a contact switch with a 2pin header that when ‘shorted’ gives you a notification [ xxx has been triggered ] and has all the same in-app properties as the other sensors (can trigger cameras, give an alert when triggered for x seconds or when stopped. I know its niche, but it would make DIYérs jump on it.

Thanks this makes a lot of sense, but just from another perspective it would be great to get it on Amazon in the Future, I stay in South Africa and just discovered Wyze and loving it so far, we do have a couple of local suppliers here but there is a habit of importing a bunch then running out and not being able to get them again. What is nice with Amazon they do International shipping and you know you can reliably get more in the future. Local suppliers also have a habit of marking things up quite a bit


Make Wyze Replacement Parts available on Amazon US, Wyze Shop.
eg Wyze Lock Replacement Part Kit