More instructions for alternate floodlight installation situations

Wyze Cam Floodlight - Step for clearances and other details on install, skip some

I have installed over 10 of the floodlight cameras.

I have ran into a few show stoppers that are not listed in the instructions. I had to go get other supplies to finish them.

The Jboxes were not quite right on a few installs. too deeply inset, or non existent, or loose.

There was another box right next to one of the boxes and I had to do extra steps. to make it fit.
There were sconces without any box… just romex poking out of the siding… and the wire nuts were in the fixture .

It would have been nice to have seen a card that warned about that.

Also, the water proofing is not quite right on the floodlight… the jbox does not have rubber going to it. I had to do silicone on one, and other solutions on others.

Doing it on brick was interesting.

I didn’t need any of the steps to shut off power or attach neutral/hot wire, but some people will need that.

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