Design flaw with floodlight

I purchased two flood lights. After a long and unsuccessful install, I found out the middle screw was too short. Hence it is not possible to install the lights. I tried many screws in my toolset, but the thread seems to be different. So I started a chat session to ask for longer screws. The chat session with Wyze was disappointing. They gave me two options. 1 . Go buy your own screws 2. Send back the floodlights for refund.

I think a better way for Wyze to handle this should be 1. Send two longer screws to me and close the case. 2. Tell the design team a customer found a flaw, they should include middle screw with 0.5" increase in length.

Not a happy bird.

Show a picture of the screws because mine was more than long enough. I have to wonder if your light box where the bracket attaches is sunk in too far. You could bend the bracket or attache washers to where it attaches to the box, to raise the bracket out more for the screw to reach.

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