Floodlight center screw too short

My floodlight junction box is recessed into the wall and the center screw included with Wyze Cam Floodlight doesn’t reach far enough to screw into the metal bracket.

Does anyone know the exact screw type/size included with the Cam Floodlight so I can buy the same, only slightly longer?

A little disappointed that multiple screw lengths aren’t included like with the floodlight camera that Lorex sells. Their cameras are worse in many ways, but the installation kit is great.


Hey Bill

I expect you’ve tried taking the screw to the local hardware and asking for a match plus. :slight_smile:

We have an independent store that’s Ace affiliated but packs more neighborhood specific stuff into a limited space - and efficiently - than any I’ve seen. Always two cashiers and four other employees, most of whom really know their stuff and it’s about 1/4 mile away, so I feel blessed.

If it’s doable for you to take a few snapshots with your phone and post them here it often attracts more attention, no guarantee, but worth a shot.

Maybe a Maven/Mod could upgrade Bill’s privileges so he can post pix if he’s interested? :slight_smile:


Agreed. Just take the old screw to a hardware store or home center. There’s often a demo box in the aisle with multiple holes you can try threading into until you find a match.

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Thanks to you both. We ended up spending more time than I’d like to admit in the screw aisle at Lowe’s conducting tests with both the screw and the metal bracket.

For the record, the correct answer is 10-32 machine screw. The included screw is 1" in length. We bought 1-1/2" and 2" versions and ended up using the 2" as it made it easier to grip and position the screw in the center of the hole in the base, though the 1-1/2" likely would have been sufficient.


Perfect. Thanks for reporting back. This will help the next person.

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Thanks Bill3. I dropped the main screw into a non retrieval area. Your information allowed me to quickly find the item at Home Depot and do a quick self-checkout and the screw fix perfectly.