Monitoring services email

Just received an email indicating that all monitoring services are back up and running. Mine is not I am still getting the same error message. Anyone else?

Mine is working fine. You may need to Clear the Cache from the app, shut it down, and then go back in again.

How does one clear a cache from the app? I cannot even begin to count how many times I have disconnected everything and reinstalled everything over the last four weeks. For a security system it certainly does not feel very secure. But if they’re having all these problems with Amazon then it would seem to me that I would find somebody new.

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Look at your account on your app and click on clear…and then sign out of app then back in simple less than 1 minute to complete

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Go to Account Menu, Then App Settings, first option is Cache, clear it there.

If you are using Android, after you do that, you can long press the app, select App Info, then do a Force Stop, go to Storage and Cache and clear Cache there as well.

Note: your camera Thumbnails will be gone until you start the Camera again.

Still a no go. Another thought here would be that when Wyze says that everything is up and running which they’ve done for five times this week… They would give instructions on how to get your app up and running. I am extremely disappointed with Wyze. It’s working, it’s not working, it’s working, it’s not working. Mine is not working and I have my doubts that it ever will🥲

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I understand the frustration, I am a community member as well. I have read other posts where individuals have indicated that rebooting the router allowed it all to work. Fortunately, I did not have to do that, but it is something to try, if you are so inclined.