Monitoring down? (Using beta app)

Monitoring tab says "Oops, something went wrong, please try again by refreshing the page. Did a clear data/cache/re-installed app. Nothing worked.

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Several other reports of this today reported here on the forum. I don’t have monitoring so I can’t tell.

Working fine for me. Also using beta Android app version 2.44.0 (b316) with public/production HMS Hub firmware

Same working for me as well

I am getting the same thing and came here to see what’s going on. I put in a ticket for it as well.
Beta app 2.44.0 (b316) - android

Additionally none of my service licensees show up.

See this thread:


Topic moved to beta category for better visibility. Please note K6CCC’s post above, submit dev log file and post Log ID to help developers expedite.

Throwing in my log # too: 1116607

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This is working this AM, both Monitoring and Services. Thanks for quick turn around!

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I did not see this thread yesterday when the issue was happening. We have this fixed via a cloud change and it should be working now.


You were absolutely on “the book” though!

Well done.


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