Android Monitoring, Steps Completed bug, updates?

Any updates on fixing this bug? I replaced my hub and still can’t use my home monitoring because of this bug. This has been going on since Mid-November,

Go in to Monitoring portion of the app, Steps competed page go to Continue Setup, Everything has a green check on this page and I can’t go any further. Options are Exit Setup, Reset Setup, and Cancel. I’ve tried both with no success.

Sorry for the trouble. May I ask what is your app version? If your app is not the latest, could you please update the app and try setting it up again?

App version 2.27.33, there are no updates available.

Thank you for checking. Could you please submit a log for this issue? You can submit a log from Account → Wyze Support → Submit a Log. We will investigate this issue. Thank you very much!

Log submitted, ID 422654

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Hi ChuckL. Could you please try to reset the setup again? if the issue still exists, could you please submit another log for us? Thank you so much!

Great, it’s working now, I was able to complete the setup.

I was told “While this is being resolved, we can cancel your Services and provide you with a code to be redeemed once this has been resolved.”

Do you handle that, or should I reply to the original tech?

Thank you,

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Thank you for the update. Please reply to the original tech. Thanks!