Wyze app 2.44 Beta Test 7/17/2023

How many do you have in a group?

8 v3’s

I’m running android app version V2.43.5 (313)

Thanks. let me see what I can test for you

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Has nobody else tested the new Offline Notification feature in this beta? Still not working for me.

@WyzeAndy Log# 1116182


Since no information was given on what cameras support it, it’s kinda hard to test.
I turned it on when I loaded this version, but have not gotten any notification - which proves absolutely nothing.


The android app beta is busted badly. I am unable to view the monitoring tab and can’t see my services in the account tab. Log #1115592. I have had to revert to the official release to keep functionality but I’m happy to test again if there are any questions or suggestions.

Do you have screen shots of what you are seeing. I don’t have those issues. Here are screen shots of my Monitoring tab and service menu location:

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Instead of adding all of the ridiculaous new features to charge for ow about you save all that for v4 every update of V3 causes more problems. I feel like wyze has dupped us like the all of the other corporate products bait and switch. These cameras are now unreliable, miss multiple events, drop wifi connections, do not record full event with paid services, warp and pixelated replay poor sound, errors of vehicles are packages, people are motions… the list is long. I own 4 v3 and act cheap china junk.

@marybethwright131 , welcome to the community. I am a community Volunteer and provide assistance to community members when needed.

Just an FYI, you posted your comments twice, I am deleting the second entry.

With that said, In order to provide some support, can you please provide additional information:

  • What is the Android Wyze App Version you are using
  • What issues are you experiencing with these cameras
  • What Model of the Camera are you using and seeing issues
  • Have you contacted Wyze and obtained a ticket number? If so can you add it here?
  • Have you provided a device Log? If so can you add it here?

I have many of the Wyze Cameras and am not experiencing any major issues with streaming, events, notifications, etc.

Any details would go a long way to provide some support


Yes I upgraded to beta again and here’s the screenshots.

Interesting. Have you tried the normal processing?

  • Clear Cache from within the App
  • Force Stop and clear cache from the OS level
  • Restart the phone

Then test?

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The android app on 2.44 is working fine for myself so far. I haven’t had any issues so far.

Yes I did all of that even deleted it from my account associations in the Play store.

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Interesting. On my Motorola edge+ 5G UW (2022) running android version 12 and Wyze app version v2.44.0 (b316), the same two screen captures that weasom posted (I don’t have monitoring):

Which group issues are you referring to? There are unfortunately more than one, if you let me know which ones I will try to let you know were we are at with them.

I sent your log and images up to the team to see if there is anything they can figure out.

For me its the false offline status and when in that state it also fails to upload events, It records them, but all they are is “Error 06” Also the live feeds not updating unless tapped into then losing it when leaving back to full group view


Also, I have notice that my Wyze Locks are correctly showing there status as “Locked” or “Unlocked” in the device list instead of “offline” :+1: :+1: :+1:

Sorry for the delayed response, but yea you figured it out. It only affects v3 it seems.

I own 18 and they are my most reliable cams. Tuned properly, with the proper settings, in the proper environment, they work without fail.