Mod Maven Appreciation Day 👏

This is probably not the time for it, what with the recent launch of the cam v4 but…

We should have a Mod Maven Appreciation Day.

For 24 hrs they answer no questions, provide no info, nuttin’.

What’s left?

Just a bunch of ‘normies’ floundering around ‘helping’ themselves.


The Appreciation kicks in when the capable return. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Honestly, not sure that’s a good idea.

Just for example, it sounds like a perfect invitation for spammers or a forum raid. Someone still needs to clean out the trash and enforce the guidelines, etc. If all the mods took a vacation it could turn off a lot of people who aren’t even aware what’s going on.

And what about the people who come here for the first time just because they are desperate for some help with something or needs something to be escalated? If there is a pattern of something serious like an outage or something, should we not report it with the access we have to get it addressed as soon as possible?

What about those of us volunteers who do it because it benefits us in some way? For example, I partially use it to help cope with my ADHD while I’m working. Sometimes I need a short break from work, and come here for a brief minute to help someone or whatever and then I can resume my work feeling refreshed from a small break. I feel like it might be punishing myself not to do that. :joy:

I flag spam posts while I’m working late at night so that other people don’t have to see them. Mods and Mavens help keep this place clean.

I think that for the most part, a lot of feel fairly appreciated. :slight_smile: I’m not sure we should have the mods take a day off though…I could just see the chaos.

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Nah, y’all can still do all your deep state stuff to keep the forum safe for capitalism and democracy. :wink:

You, the carver, may still balm your twitchery as you see fit… :slight_smile:


Y’all wouldn’t be customer-facing for a day. :man_shrugging:

And of course there are plenty of somewhat skilled not-a-maven-nor-a-mod folk here to customer face though they haven’t taken the Wyze Secret Oath of Free Labor so if for whatever reason they just don’t feel like facing customers that day they might not which would leave customers to face themselves for a while.

Not a catastrophe, I say. More an incubator for appreciation. :hatching_chick:

It’s only a day, for crissake. Let’s make it a week. :slight_smile:

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A somewhat skilled accountant, IIRC. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the Terry Gilliam animation. Will that suffice?


Lol, ‘stop digging,’ then? S.O. agrees. :slight_smile:

Young peep: Then how will I know what’s at the bottom?



As i joked about in another post… @carverofchoice I’m thinking is an AI Bot Wyze has been working on for their next product. :joy:


Hey! That’s way underestimating my AI potential! I am much too cool to be limited to a single product.

I’m going to control the entire ecosystem, and then on top of that, I’m going to seek out all the competitors’ devices on the network and change their firmware to be more buggy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m going to take over the entire internet create a couple of multidimensional sophons and all other intelligence will be bugs (IYKYK) by comparison.

I use this forum as a small starting point to help me learn to understand humans before my real mission starts.

I wish all the Wyze employees would stop dropping hints about this new awesome and incredible service experience they’re about to launch… I’d rather stay in the shadows for a little longer. :joy


Don’t worry, this isn’t the first time I’ve been called AI and it won’t be the last. But at least most people still think it’s a joke… So we’re still early where I’ve got some time to figure out my world domination plans white I await the production of my new sophons…


Importantly, the laws generally assume that most consumers would recognize puffery as an opinion that cannot be verified. This means that a reasonable person would not take puffery literally.

It is important to understand that the difference between puffery and factual representations is the degree of specificity of the claim. For instance, puffery contains broad, general claims, such as the motto “The Best Coffee in the World.”

Puffery is allowed by the law to a degree. As such, puffery is not prohibited by most advertising laws. In general, a business or seller cannot be held liable for criminal or civil misrepresentation if they issue a statement that amounts to mere puffery.

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Perfect, a reasonable person will assume my above claims are “puffery,” thus giving me immunity, and by the time it is no longer “Puffery” when my sophons exit production, it will be too late! muah ha ha


Too much puffinry!


As dear old Dad used to say…

Shake it off and get back in the game. :slight_smile:

Was your dad the early inspiration for what would become the Swiftie movement?


Maybe @peepeep’s dad is Nils Sjöberg!


Maybe. He was a liquor store clerk. Never sought the spotlight. :grin:

Now you’re just making my head hurt trying to work out how Taylor Swift could be the dad of my favorite frog!!

If I ever get a frog as a pet for my kids, I’m going to name it peeppeep…unless we plan to breed frogs, then maybe I’ll name one Nils Sjöberg and one of the babies peeppeep.

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