There’s a whole crew of folks here who are head and shoulders above any formal Support you’re likely to get 🤩

The more you bring (background and detailed info on a problem) the more you’re likely to get.

These cats are deep and tenacious. :slight_smile:


We can’t fix hardware problems/damage though. :wink: For things that are so extremely abnormal and malfunctioning on a hardware level or to the point of a warranty claim or other such things, we do still have to send people to support.

Support is also the only place you can officially file a ticket for the engineers to look into. In some cases, the volunteers can have logs passed on through the community manager, but for most cases, logs are supposed to go through support so they can have an official ticket attached to the logs.

Support is also the only team that can look into orders or services.

Support will also walk someone through step-by-step on troubleshooting, which can be a big relief for someone who isn’t technologically inclined. It can be very helpful for someone to get walked through everything.

There are still plenty of reasons I will send someone to support instead of the forums. :slight_smile: But, yes, lots of people in here often help resolve things for people that are pretty advanced…both official and unofficial solutions. This place is a great resource.


Traitor >>>> :grin: :grin: :raccoon:

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There are people who like to knit for relaxation and personal satisfaction, I prefer crochet.

There are people who like to cook for relaxation and personal satisfaction, I prefer baking.

There are people who like to camp for relaxation and personal satisfaction, I prefer fishing.

There are people who prefer gaming for relaxation and personal satisfaction, I prefer to solve problems and find ways around limitations.


I knew I liked you!
Surprisingly, I relate to all of those.

  • I even have crocheted a big blanket for my daughter, and for my parents.
  • I don’t particularly like preparing food (I used to work in the food industry in High school), and it feels to me like I am wasting my time that could be productively spent elsewhere…but I would much rather bake than cook.
  • I definitely prefer fishing over camping (especially don’t like campfires because I hate smelling like smoke and being dirty and sleeping cold and uncomfortable), but I love fishing, especially with another person or 2.
  • Before I started my own business, I was always the one managers would come to, asking me to find loopholes, or figure out how someone was doing something and/or how to fix them. I LOVE finding loopholes and workarounds and solutions.

And that is where you lost me. I am one of those introverts that likes to be alone, especially when fishing. I would go out more if there weren’t any people there. Life is great, except for the people.


Haha. I have gone fishing by myself too, and it can be basically meditative.
But I do like to go fishing with my brother or my brother-in-law and talk while we fish…preferably with nobody else around. :slight_smile: But I do like to have intelligent conversations with people after spending most of my time having conversations with a 3 year old. :rofl:

  • I like playing guitar and am self-taught (not a great player but good enough for me).
  • I’m currently listening to Taylor Swift’s entire catalog and trying to play her songs.
  • I’m 48 years old and think “This Love” is a good song. #Swifty
  • Also jigsaw puzzles.

There’s a few of us pickers lingering around these parts.

I also like to just be in the woods by myself…

Guitar, fire, cool night and a warm bottle, sounds like the uppa room to me.


I’m in my Mid-40’s and have been Swifty since the '00’s. I have every Taylor Swift song :rofl:
I like her older music much more than her newer stuff, but I like her new stuff too.

I can totally relate to this little girl :rofl:


Not a swiftie, and I am sick of hearing about her while I’m watching football.

Like right on if you are but, ok, don’t care who’s dating who and I don’t need to see Taylor every other play during a game.


A motley crew. :slight_smile:



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I like this 21st century song (‘a cappella folktronica ballad’) by Ms. Heap.

I just found a setting that I liked. The emotion in the breath. I spent quite a lot of time kind of building air around it because it’s all done in the box. The sound of the cooking of that meal is quietly frying in the background. And then right at the end a train passed by, harmonized.

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Ron Schick, Behind the Camera

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