UI buggy on setup

Wyzecam v2 cannot scan QR code due to UI overlay problem.

That did not give us much to go on. One of the most common QR code scan issues is that the phone is set to zoom in and it results in part of the QR code being clipped off - and therefore, not working. Is that your problem?
Please tell us what app version you have an what phone and phone OS you are using. Someone will likely be able to walk you through the solution.


Thanks for that @K6CCC. I’m on iOS 14 and app version 2.46.1 (4).
During setup when it says to scan the QR, at the bottom of the screen there is an overlay from the previous screen with the check box and “I heard ready to connect”. It’s in black font. So it’s essentially blocking the QR. The app won’t let me rotate during setup.
Reinstalled the app and got the same results.

If your QR code page looks like this:

Try this:


Answered! Thanks so much for that. Definitely a font/display issue. Easy fix! Not really a “problem” with iOS… more like user error :laughing:.

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