Missing part of QR code when installing new device

I have a camPan v2 camera I’m trying to setup. The camera resets correctly but when the app shows the QR code to scan, the bottom of the code is obscured by the shaded ‘Next’ button and the check box to click the ‘I heard…’ confirmation is also visible is part of the QR code. Because of this, the entire QR code is never visible and cannot be scanned, rendering the app unusable. I removed and reinstalled the app, but it did not change anything.

What’s the phone’s display’s resolution? I’m surprised that Wyze didn’t add a scrollbar. Maybe you could borrow another phone or tablet?

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This has never been a problem in the past with this phone. I don’t have any other phone to use.

Settings >accessibility > Zoom and change the default to a lower setting. Mine is on default. It is worth a try?

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On my Android phone, there’s also a screen zoom in/out that might be a workaround. But this phone’s UI is highly modified so I don’t know if it’s a standard Android feature. Still it’s inconceivable that Wyze didn’t anticipate this problem and included a scrollbar in the design.

I agree with the above suggestions for a workaround for now. Temporarily change your display/zoom settings so you can complete setup right now, then go switch them back.

That is not to say that Wyze shouldn’t be aware of this issue and resolve it still. This is excellent feedback. Thank you for posting.

Zoom settings in accessibility have no effect on the Wyze app. I’m really surprised that nobody else has ever reported this issue

Maybe Display and Brightness >Text size?
Move slider to the left. I have set up three different kind of cameras, never a Pan 2 and never had the QR issue. My phone is a small SE2020.

I realized it, too, after a while. The main culprit is the screen aspect ratio. Most phones nowadays are longer, the phone in use is probably not as tall as expected.

I don’t buy that. This is same phone I’ve been using for 2 years and have never had this problem before. The ‘size’ of the phone should have no bearing on why the qr code doesn’t show properly. This is a bug and needs to be fixed. Period.

Good news, you could wait until fix it Friday. Today is Monday.

Fix it Friday is once a month. The one for March is already history. :grin: :grin:

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I didn’t say “the size of the phone”. I said aspect ratio. There’s a big difference.