Support Closing Unresolved Tickets

I’m getting frustrated, as are others from the posts I see, that support is basically just closing tickets that can’t be resolved. The response tends to be after submitting a log that the issue is out of support’s control and in the hands of engineering. Seems to be happening a lot. An example:

We sincerely appreciate you for trying the troubleshooting steps and sorry if it still won’t work.

We truly understand where you’re coming from and we know how important to get your home secured. Since it persists, we forwarded this case over to our engineers along with the log you’ve submitted. Log 719436

Our Engineering Team has received the logs and is now looking into it. Currently, here on the Support Team, we don’t have an estimated time frame yet on when it would be fixed but rest assured that they’re doing their best to investigate the root cause of the issue and trying to come up with a fix at the fastest time possible. Since they are an Offline Team, we won’t likely hear from them but they usually solve the issue by including the fix through firmware and app updates. For now, let’s check the app and firmware updates from time to time as it may contain the fix for the issue.

Thank you for your understanding with this.

You bring up a good point that I have seen others complain about also, I will see what the reasoning is behind closing them out.


Can’t fix them, bury them…
Got to keep their stats up :rofl:


That’s what I do with my trouble tickets at work.

Is that wrong? :thinking:


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