Missing time ranges in record folders and event lists

Sorry if this has been asked, but I seem to be missing some of the hours in my record folder on the SD card of a Wyze Cam V3. I just updated to the latest firmware (via SD card) and app (Saturday, I believe).

There was an event I was viewing in the app from around 6:20pm on 12-03-23, which would show a timestamp of 18:20, but when I pulled the card to transfer the recordings, the record folders for that date stop at 14. I skimmed through all surrounding folders and there is nothing. Any ideas as to why it does that? It currently has a 64GB card in it, but was using a 32GB up until the updates I did the other night, and I don’t believe this is the first time I’ve encountered this. I also keep the cameras set to record only the events, and I’m on the regular non-subscription account.

Also, a separate, but similar issue I’ve always had is that the event list in the app for a given day always seems to stop at some random time as I scroll through the hours, and won’t let me go back far enough to see something I’m looking for. It usually only shows me about half of the 24 hour period. I believe the missing range in that case is actually on the card, I just can’t get to it from the app, and I think I looked at most of the related preferences. On occasion, I believe I may have been able to collapse one of the hours in the list by clicking the time, then re-expand it, and have the ones beyond the stop point load up and appear, but it usually doesn’t work.


This would indicate that the Cam stopped recording to the SD Card sometime after 2pm. The only thing I can suggest is a reformat of the card and monitor for problems or go to a new card.

The app only loads the most recent 20 Events. Pull up from the bottom, hold, and then let go to load the next 20. Continue until no more load for that day.

Event videos in the Events Tab are uploaded videos saved in the cloud. They are not the same videos as saved to the SD Playback. The two are completely independent of each other with separate settings.

Thanks SlabSlayer!

I may pull that current card and put the 32 back just to be safe, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on the recorded events. I wasn’t even aware that with a standard free account and an SD card in the camera it would even store anything in the cloud. I though there might be issues with the card or its file table, where it didn’t match up once it was removed and brought to the computer. I do get frequent messages when Windows first sees the cards, telling me they contain errors which need to be repaired. I’ve stopped paying attention to those though, since the few times I’ve allowed to run chkdsk, it tells me it didn’t find anything, and is OK afterward.

I wish the software included a means of copying or moving the actual folders and files over the Wi-Fi, rather than having to go out and retrieve the SD cards each time. Even if it took forever, (assuming the data was intact) it would be a huge help.

BTW- You were spot-on with that tip about the 20 event range. I knew it was something easy. I must have inadvertently held my finger down longer those times I got the remainder of the events to show.

Take Care

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Yes. If “Record Motion Events” is enabled in the Event Recording settings, it is uploading events. Although, without Cam Plus this only happens every 5m because of the imposed mandatory Cooldown. No subscription uploads a Still Image Thumbnail, Cam Plus Lite uploads a 12s Video.

You may want to do a fresh total reformat (not a quick wipe) of the card in FAT32 to see if a new FAT will help. I do have some wonky brand cards that my cams cannot stand. There is something about the factory format that is foreign to them.

You and many hundreds other users (Including me)! :rofl: This has been a Wishlist feature request for some time. Click the link to go there, vote for it, and add a post: Direct access to SD card with download ability.

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