Missing person/vehicle/etc options?

Something seems off there.

Shouldn’t I have separate options for vehicle, person, etc?

Running v2.24.23 on android 10.

You do have one for Person, it is the first one in your photo, as for the other AI options they do not have filters for those ones implemented yet

Edit: I apologize for seeming snarky, did not mean it to be that way. I also learned something as I did not know that the filters were there, I still thought only person existed.

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It seems like it would take 2 or 3 lines of code to filter on other AI options, since the videos are already tagged. And that little plus sign being off center hints at weird bug. Looks like a bug or a painfully obvious oversight to me. I have 13 cameras at this location with cam plus, and I need to manually scroll through events to look for vehicles :rofl:

The app displays only your most often used filters on the Events page header per session. If you tap the funnel-shaped icon (filter) in the upper right next to the pencil icon (edit), you’ll see the complete list of filter options. The AI filter options are located down near the bottom of the list. Select all of the AI filters, tap Show Results and note the resulting Events header. You can swipe the filter buttons in the header left-right. You may wish to go back into the filter options page and tap Clear All when you’re done reviewing Events.


Thank you for this reply! That solved my problem, unlike the uninformed snarky “moderator” who replied before you.

Glad it’s working! :+1: Some functions aren’t the most intuitive.

I sincerely apologize if we sometimes appear snarky. I can assure you it was not intentional. :pensive:

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You beat me to it Seapup, but here are the images that do that…

Scroll L or R


Your support is awesome here, thanks again. It’s a little unintuitive where to find those, but once you know, you know, so all good. In my mind I was expecting the +Person to be a dropdown, but the funnel is exactly what i was looking for.