CamPlus AI detection filters are not saved and keep resetting

From the ‘Cam Plus Only Filter’ I have Person, Vehicle, and Pet selected to show in the Events section. Everything works fine until I do a hard close of the app or if I restart the phone. Then the filter resets and only shows Person with Vehicle and Pet removed. I’ve been messing with it for weeks but same results. Anything I’m missing?

Is your app up to date

Yes it is. I’ve tried this on 2 phones with same results (iPhone 11 and iPhone 7 Plus).

Had the same issue. I signed out of the app and signed back in and the issue was corrected.

Yeah, I tried that also but it didn’t work. I tried several variations of setting the filters then signing out but none of it worked.

Wow interesting we currently don’t use filters due 2 security set backs