Missing audio when download and when transfering to pc

hi, an event occurred on 7/1/19 about 1:15pm for about 40 minutes. multiple video with sound was recorded which is great. however when i selected download from your android app- i cannot find it. its not in the download folder or the gallery- i have a note9. i also shared using Bluetooth to my PC. your app sent an mp4 file but its only video- NO AUDIO.

so, 2 problems. 1. the file cannot be found when you select download from your app. 2. no audio when shared is selected from your app and Bluetooth is used to send the file to a PC

Most people have success with VLC to view and hear footage from the SD card.

My videos show up In the gallery in The manual Album

I started having this issue a month ago as well.
I save clips to my phone and they get uploaded to my Google Photos OK with audio intact but as soon as I share the videos via Google Photos or directly from Wyze the audio is lost.
If I upload any of the vids to say Instagram the audio is lost but just over a month ago it worked fine.