Missing action in event recording lately

I have noticed that lately in the 12 sec even recording , I am getting peoples’ backs now. One of the things I liked about Wyze so much is that their event recordings had the full action, starting from when the person is approaching the camera surrounding. But lately this hasn’t been the case. The events almost always have the backs. I have to click on playback to get the full action from the start. I didn’t have to do that before and I really liked it.

Is it just me, or other people have noticed that as well. It is happening in all my cameras. Looks like latest firmware update messed it up.

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Your post has me totally confused. I read that more than once and can’t make any sense of the situation your describing. Are you saying the video starts at the end? The last couple seconds? Or are you saying the video isn’t starting recording as early as it once did?

Suppose the event is a mail man dropping off a package at my front porch. The 12 sec video is still 12 sec long, but all I see is his back - him leaving after dropping off the package in the first few seconds and the rest is just a video with no one in it. Essentially there is no face of the mail man in the 12 sec video. Compare it with what I used to get before, that is, the mail man approaching the front porch, dropping off the package, ringing the bell, and then leaving. Hope this makes it clearer.

have you recently done the update to the detection zone and changed it using the new grid?

if he’s being detected later because of a change then yes that might change when the video starts recording…but thats all that comes to mind currently.


My wyze outdoor seems to get a delay on the start of the recording as well but my pans and v2 do ok.

No I haven’t set any zones on my cameras.

Here is an interesting thing. If I click on playback while watching the event recording, it starts from a few seconds earlier giving me pretty much the full view. Because of this the delayed recording is not too annoying. The playback starts from where it used to normally start recording the event too. So, it looks like it has some sort of marker for the event which is at the right location, but the event recording starts a little delayed.

I don’t know if the start of the event recording depends upon the router or wyze cloud servers. I haven’t changed the router or changed its configuration lately. May be the Wyze cloud servers are being slow in responding or something. Or it used to not depend upon them, and now it does. That would introduce the delay in event recording.

I am surprised that nobody else has seen observed this. All the cameras have the latest up to date firmware. I don’t know what changed on my end. Anyone has any idea what I can try?

you know now that you word it like that I might know what it is. Wyze is working on getting the notifications to alert people quicker. so instead of waiting for the entire 12 second clip to upload to the cloud, get run through the AI and be decided as the tag I believe it’s more or less getting broken up. so some people are having the issue where they go to see the clip and it takes them to live view instead of the clip. I wonder if they aren’t taking the first few seconds, uploading that ( as a smaller bit which would be quicker and detected quicker) and using that solely for the alert and thus your clip would be missing the first few seconds. I have only browsed quickly on that issue when gwendolyn posted in core about it. when I come across it again I’ll read it in depth and see if I can gain a better understanding so I can explain whats going on a bit better, but thats the only thing I can think of that might be causing what you are describing.

I have the exemple of what you are saying. It is happening regularly with CamPlus and 12 sec clips since 2-3 weeks.

@gyzmo This is exactly what I am talking about. And you are right I have been observing this for the past 2 to 3 weeks.

@Bam I think you have a good explanation. If they are truly uploading only a little bit of video in the beginning for a quick processing, they need to stitch it to the remaining recording. They must be eventually uploading the full 12 sec to the cloud, they can either stitch it on the phone or stitch it in the cloud later on. They can’t just drop the first few seconds.

Of all the cameras I have used, Wyze had the best performance as far as capturing the action in the event. But I don’t think I can say that now. All of my 12 sec videos have either backs or no person in them. Good thing there is 24/7 recording, and that clicking the playback button while playing the event takes me to the right spot where I can see the missing action, otherwise this would be a big turn off for me.

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I’ve been seeing this behavior lately as well. The clip either has the tail end of the motion or it has missed the event altogether. The thumbnail image in the event list is a second or two before the recording starts.

The recordings used to catch all of the motion. This is not just with the latest firmware, it is at least the last 2 versions if not more.

I’m getting the exact same behavior as well. Video recording starts 1-2 seconds late. If my kids run out of the house, I’m getting no action at all. Thumbnails are fine.
It’s really annoying, I’m paying Wyze for their premium service, and from reading the forums, it seems that
this behavior has been documented since as early as 2 years ago…

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I’m seeing the same thing. My cam used to record from 2 secs before motion to 10 secs after. Now I get from 2 secs after motion to 14 after. So it’s useless unless whomever just hangs out on the porch. I assumed it was wyze trying to get me to upgrade but from reading this people are seeing the same thing with the paid subs.
Pretty annoying

same problem here too. 12 second event recording consistantly misses the motion by a few seconds. Motion triggers the event to be recorded but misses the action in the recording. It used to work perfectly on all my wyze and pan cams. is there any fix for this?


Same issue here. I recently installed a few Wyze Cam v2s at my rental property which is currently empty. I just saw someone running down the driveway in the thumbnail (it obviously triggered the video) but there’s no recording of that person in the actual video. This is very frustrating.

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I’m having this happen to me off and on and always send the clips to wyze. I’m sure it would happen on a event that is very important.

I have to admit though, with the latest firmware it seems to have been much better than before. I am capturing the full action most of the time.

Getting this too with v2. Camera is useless for me, as full recording didn’t work for me (all my SD cards were not recognized). I’m paying for premium and all I’m getting is empty events for people coming in my house and people’s backs when they go out.
It’s about time Wyze focus on their bugs rather than adding new products and marketing features.

Mine seems to do it mostly on the cams with cam plus. I have a cam plus pan cam out my front window at least 30ft from the road displaying a good 100ft section of road. This is in a subdivision and not a main road so cars drive slow mostly. When I get a clip that records properly I’ll get a blank street then the car will appear then drive through. But most of the clips you will see a car in the thumbnail but when you play it all you see is a flash of something flying by at the speed of light then a bare street. Lol we are talking about a large section of road here. My eufy 2k in that same window plays almost 5 seconds before the car appears which is amazing. It’s like it detects motion then somehow records a full 3/5 seconds before the motion even happened. I think this all stemmed from wyze trying to quicken our notification speed. But I’d rather get the whole event even if the notification doesn’t come immediately. Somehow eufy does both unbelievably well. Notifications are instant while I’m on my home wifi, it’s amazing fast.
All this is doing in my case is having wyze cams only for 12 second clips at 5min cool down to compliment a cam in the same area that functions properly. and I’m sure there are many others who wyze are loosing service to as well. In my opinion they are creating their own demise. If cam plus worked as it should I would have all of my window cams running cam plus. I prefer that being it’s a pain getting to the cams. But instead I’m loading cams that work properly in the windows along with a wyze cam as well but only for its free clips. 20 bucks for a cam that gives me a free 12sec clip every 5 min is all they are good for at this point. And even that is being ruined in at least half of the clips by this delayed start in recording.

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That describes my situation exactly. Thumbnail and video don’t match and a lot of time the video is missing the motion that triggered it. Frustrating to say the least.

I’ve submitted tickets, posted here even posted on reddit where a wyze employee said “support is hard at work…” but the end result is the same, crickets.