Missing action in event recording lately

Wyze doesn’t seem to care, but I think I just confirmed it is an issue with the CAM plus cloud processing.

I switched my CAM plus subscription to one of my other cams. As soon as I did the events captured by that camera are cut short and missing the motion that triggered the recording.

Submitted another ticket: # 96074

Definitely and I’m pretty sure they know this. The way I understand is it has something to do with them trying to push notifications through faster for the longer clips.

I bought Cam Plus for my Outdoor Cam and was going to expand Cam Plus to my V2s and new V3 on order. But if my current experience is any indication of what to expect, I’ll just let this yearly subscription expire and not purchase any more. My Outdoor Cam only records “snippets” of motion and not the whole range. I have it set to record up to 2 minutes when triggered and I have yet to see anything more than 21 seconds. Even though I know the activity was much longer than 2 minutes. I had high hopes.

I have found that cam plus with the outdoor cams is not the issue. The issue is the cams themselves, if they don’t detect motion they stop the recording much faster than any of my other wyze cams. Plus the reception distance is pretty terrible if you ask me, I have to be within 15ft or so to get anything triggered so this adds to short vid lengths as well being if it does not detect you it cuts the recording quickly. I’m assuming they did this to conserve battery life. The v2 has its flaws with cam plus as well with missing or zapping through the first 3/5 seconds or so of recording.

Ok so I’ve had a couple days with my first 2 v3 cams going and am not experiencing the missing footage at the beginning of my clips with them. And they both are on their first free 14 day cam plus trial. Both replaced a pan cam in the same location and the pan cam with cam plus always seemed to miss the beginning of the footage or it was like the first 3/5 seconds of the video footage was moving at the speed of light. Like a car driving on the street. You would see the car in the thumbnail but when starting the video all you saw was what looked like something flashing down the street at light speed. This is not happening with the V3 cams.

Interesting you’re not seeing it with the V3’s. Now I’m wondering if it’s a firmware issue on the pans and V2’s.

I’m done speculating, I’ve submitted logs, described the problem. We’ll see where it goes but I’m not holding my breath. But I am putting off getting V3’s, I don’t see the value in supporting them if they are not supporting their customers.

It’s a CAM plus issue. We’re paying for a premium subscription, only to get the frustration of missing the all important first 5 seconds of a security event.
If Wyze doesn’t fix it in the next week, I’m cancelling my subscription and looking for a camera I can trust.

Release notes for v2 cam: (March 9, 2021) include:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Event videos to lose a couple of seconds at the beginning

Kind of an old thread. But I’m having this same problem on my v3. In the last month I’m only able to see peoples back when they leave. I turned the sensitivity up to 25. If I go higher than that, the dumb AI tags every moving thing as a person .

I just started having this exact issue with a v3 on CamPlus. It would happen occasionally but since the latest Android app update over half of my events are like that. Very annoying that it defeats the purpose of the event recordings if I have to go to SD card playback over half of the times.
I have not made any changes to the settings or my network.
Anyone find a solution or is this still a waiting game for Wyze to address it? Because by the looks of it it’s been a known issue for years.